Expatriate Management

The following services are available to the company or individual expatriate:

Prior to assignment

  • Screening and Interviewing

    It has become preferred practice to try and ensure the success of an international assignment by evaluating a candidate's ability to adapt and succeed in a foreign country. The assessment program identifies the capability, adaptability and integration of the candidate in a foreign environment. Based on this outcome, companies are able to evaluate any potential financial risk.

  • Housing survey

    The housing market in African countries can change on a monthly basis, and as a result we custom research detailed surveys for all countries. Relocation Africa can provide rental surveys, housing information or agent contact details for most countries in Africa. We also have a qualified in-house principle estate agent registered with the South African Estate Agency Affairs Board who is able to advise on leases or sale agreements.

  • Cost of living analysis (CoLA)

    A Cost of Living Analysis or CoLA includes a detailed list of shopping items with comparative prices between the country being analysed and the home country. To send an expatriate on an assignment can be unpredictable and even perilous if you are not equipped with the correct information on which to base the expatriate's remuneration. In order to make a package attractive and sustainable, it is crucial that a company is able to evaluate the details accurately. We are able to provide these through a thorough and factual survey. Relocation Africa provides a detailed or a basic shopping basket comparison between the home and host country which is vital for calculating the cost of living in the host country. The report can be customised to the company's specific requirements.

While on assignment

  • International and National payments

    This is a service that eliminates the necessity for the company or the assignee to manage regular local payments such as rent, utilities and school tuition. Relocation Africa makes arrangements for direct wire payments, or alternatively, for the setting up of trust accounts (if appropriate) to cover local payments through local providers.

  • International payroll

    Relocation Africa's sister company, Global Expatriate Management (GEM) is adept in running fully compliant payrolls through registered payroll packages. GEM specialises in creating payrolls from scratch as well as taking over and improving on existing payrolls. The initial calculations are done by GEM and are then checked with the client. Thereafter, all payments and payment related administration become the responsibility of GEM who carries out the payments, generates payslips and couriers these to all relevant offices or individuals.

  • Payment processing and Reporting

    Reimbursal for incurred expenses by employees will be audited against the relocation policy, and all requests, approvals and possible exceptions will be tracked and logged. The reimbursal payment process will be formalized during the start up process. Service Provider invoices will be audited and a full monthly reconciliation will be submitted to the client. GEM's automated systems are enabled to generate all forex instructions for the banks, thereby minimizing errors and delivering an efficient solution for the forex transaction. Once overtime and additional changes have been received, GEM runs the payroll. A funds request form is sent to the client early in the month. This allows adequate time for the transfer of funds to occur from the client's account to the trust account. GEM undertakes all administration for these forex transactions. Due to their extensive experience, GEM is best positioned to recommend the most efficient banks to do business with in Africa.

  • Repatriation and Re-assignment

    Our trained relocation consultants work with each assignee to give them a comprehensive explanation and interpretation on the content and best use of the corporate relocation policy from departure services through repatriation transition support.



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