Relocation Inbound

We provide the following services to assignees entering into a new country:

  • Candidate assessment and selection

    It has become preferred practice to try and ensure the success of an international assignment by evaluating a candidate's ability to adapt and succeed in a foreign country. This assessment program identifies the capability, adaptability and integration of the candidate in a foreign environment. Based on this outcome, companies are able to evaluate any potential financial risk.

  • Family assistance services

    Relocating has been identified in third position on the Life Stress Scale, so supporting and facilitating assignees during relocation assignments has proved to be a vital and most welcomed service. Relocation Africa provides a Family Assistance and Transition Support Program which minimizes stress and ensures the general wellbeing of the family. This results in a successful and beneficial relocation for the employee and ultimately for the employer as well.

  • Preparation prior to travel

    The expatriate will complete a needs analysis questionnaire and, based on this, Relocation Africa will prepare an itinerary for the pending visit. The completed itinerary will be forwarded to the expatriate prior to their departure. The schedule will include all criteria specified in the needs analysis questionnaire.

  • Orientation / preview trip

    A Relocation Africa consultant will accompany the assignee on a personalised preview trip. The focus is to familiarise them with the work environment, local living conditions, visit suitable residential neighbourhoods, schools (if required), civic amenities, etc. This provides a comprehensive overview of the cultural and socio-economic climate of the city and country into which they will be relocating. The trip will include viewing houses and/or apartments and schools which match the criteria specified in the needs analysis questionnaire.

  • Security preparation

    Preparing and familiarising the company and the expatriate with the host country's policing and security procedures is crucial.

  • Medical and Emergency assistance

    The assignee will have access to a database of registered medical practitioners and related facilities, all of which have been selected and approved by Relocation Africa.

  • Property services

    This includes the introduction of services such as domestic help, landscape and garden services, pool and property maintenance, home security, short- and long-term property rentals, home leasing or property purchasing and investor advice, property and tenancy management services. It can also include interim accommodation solutions such as hotels, B & B's or self-catering facilities.

  • Educational requirements

    Relocation Africa provides introductions to appropriate primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions. This is focused to meet the needs of the expatriate as stipulated in the needs analysis questionnaire. The consultant will advise the assignee of the relevant paperwork and documentation required (e.g.: immunizations, certificate of residency etc.).

  • Move management

    To facilitate our corporate clients when managing a full relocation service, we will co-ordinate with international moving specialists (FIDI approved members only) the movement of their goods . Once a moving specialist has been selected by the client to move their household goods, vehicles, pets etc. Relocation Africa continues to manage the move thereafter and thus the time spent on the relocation process does not impinge on corporate time.

  • Practical aspects of life

    This program is designed to acclimatise assignees with the local area and to familiarise them with local facilities such as shopping centres, sports centres, medical facilities, police stations, libraries and various local authorities. Relocation Africa also provides assistance with the registration for local services. Our consultants offer extremely useful tips on mundane things and small day-to-day issues (e.g.: traveling times and traffic bottlenecks, alternate routes in peak hour traffic, safe and unsafe areas after certain hours, who to approach and not to approach for help or directions, precautions taken when using an ATM, etc.).



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