Relocation Outbound

We provide the following services related to departing from a country:

  • Property services

    • Home sales assistance programs.
    • Identify short-term property rentals such as hotels, B&B's, or self-catering style accommodation.
  • Departure package

    Relocation Africa advises the assignee on the relevant documentation required by the local authorities on departure from the host country. The consultant will negotiate the return of deposits with regards to their rental property. Through the use of a property inventory they will assist the assignee to avoid any potential legal claims over the condition of that property. Other services include and utility disconnections.

  • Repatriation management

    Most repatriates have a corporate relocation policy which needs to be followed from the time of departure through to the repatriation in the home country. Relocation Africa's consultants are able to provide a comprehensive explanation and interpretation of the policy, and to assist the assignee with the best implementation thereof.

  • Repatriation transition support

    Reverse culture shock can be more difficult to manage than the challenges of adapting to a new country. There are many professional programs available developed to assist with the reintegration from host to home country. The three major areas of adjustment are personal, professional and organizational. These programs are designed to offer additional support to ease the transition back into the home culture.

  • Move management

    Relocation Africa co-ordinates with international moving specialists (FIDI approved members only) for move management quotes. Once a moving specialist has been selected by the client to move their household goods, vehicles, pets etc. Relocation Africa continues to manage the move thereafter and thus the time spent on the relocation process does not impinge on corporate time.



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