International Payroll

Accurate and timely international remuneration is fundamental to getting relocation expense management money right. It plays a vital role in talent management, and maintaining goodwill with suppliers and third party vendors.

Since 2000 we have been running payroll solutions across 10 African countries. Our comprehensive, integrated payroll administration system generates a funds request in a single company currency, irrespective of the currencies the individual payrolls may be in.

Individual payroll information is imported into our administration system, which then produces funds requests, payment schedules and reports to ensure that the payroll is administered and transacted on correctly with full audit and compliance fulfilled. A trust account is created for each client and full compliance is adhered to with the strictest of governance. We ensure that all payments are made to employees and all contributions paid along with submission of schedules and mandated schedules and reporting supplied to all role players.

Our Remuneration department will work with Tax Specialists, whether they are your in-house tax advisors or outsourced firms, to ensure all tax calculations are compliant and applied to the payroll.

With over 18 years experience dealing with payments into Africa, we are able to ensure that any issues, if not avoided, will be resolved quickly. Ensuring salary payments are made effectively is where our experience helps us.

International Payments

When transferring payments or benefits to staff on assignment it can become an administrative burden, with our team we are able to effectively administer and make payments swiftly to suppliers as required. These payments may include tax payments, housing rentals, security deposits or any payments required to be made into Africa for anything relating to HR or mobility for your employees.

As we have experience in dealing with banking institutions in Africa, we are best positioned to recommend the most efficient banks within Africa to fulfill these services and to follow up and ensure funds are received timeously. We have a payment tool to administer these payments and provide transparent reporting on all payments made. Full audits and reconciliations are provided.