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Country Facts
Working week:Monday – Friday
08:00 – 17:00
Driving:Drive on Right side of the road
Area:801,590 sq. km
Capital City:Maputo
Religion:Christianity 56%
Islam 18%
GDP:$1,169 per capita
Time Zone:CAT (UTC+2)


Relocation Africa has been servicing Maputo, in Mozambique for 5 years successfully.  We have serviced outlying locations for adhoc projects but these will incur an additional fees.  With larger projects in outlying areas we are able to recruit and train a consultant within 4 – 6 weeks.


Mozambique has a tropical climate with two seasons, a wet season from October to March and a dry season from April to September. Climatic conditions, however, vary depending on altitude. Rainfall is heavy along the coast and decreases in the north and south.


The majority of suitable expat housing is located within certain areas and there are many suitable free-standing homes monitored by personal security guards. Secure estates or “compounds” are also available and these are also monitored by security guards or companies.


There are 2 American International Schools and one school offering the International Baccaleaureate Curriculum in Maputo. There is one American School in Matola.


Full health insurance, preferably including Medevac is highly recommended. Hospital services are generally poor and often non-existent in rural areas. Chemists/pharmacies, private doctors and other medical practitioners are available in large towns and cities. Malaria is endemic to the entire country. Suitable precautions and the use of Prophylactics are recommended for visitors to these areas. Check with your local health centre before departure about vaccinations are required or recommended. Tap water should be considered unsafe to drink. Bottled mineral water is widely available.


Most businesses and shops are open between 14h00 and 18h00 on Mondays and 08h30 and 13h00 and 15h00 and 18h30 on other weekdays and Saturday. Shops and businesses are closed on Sundays.


You will find that Mozambican people are very polite and charming and shaking hands when meeting new people is the general custom; in addition the courtesies and formalities you would find in Portugal and other Latin countries are still observed. Mozambique is a country with a diverse and rich cultural heritage. The cultures and traditions of Islam, Swahili and Bantu speakers co-exist harmoniously in the country. Direct eye contact is acceptable.


The unit of currency in Mozambique is the Meticais (MTn). Bank notes are in very high denominations. Banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday. The US Dollar and the SA Rand are the most acceptable foreign currency to carry and can be exchanged in commercial banks in large towns and cities. Most hotels, shops and restaurants in cities and towns and most resorts accept valid, international credit cards. Carry some cash with you and avoid withdrawing cash from ATM’s at night.


Diving is on the left side of the road and most cars are right hand drive. Outside of the main towns or away from the main roads conditions
may deteriorate. The speed limit is 120km/h on national roads and 60km/h in built up areas. It is advisable to not drive at night or, if you do so, to be on the lookout for pedestrians, cyclists, live stock and vehicles with no lights.


Greeting people is very important, even if you don’t know them. A handshake with the right hand is common in most situations. Handshakes are often given with both hands or with the left hand touching/holding the right upper arm. Handshakes tend to be energetic and very often linger a bit. Good friends may engage in light hugs with pats on the shoulders. It is also appropriate for two men to walk hand in hand in public. This does not have any implication on their sexual preferences; it’s just a sign of friendship and closeness. Women friends and family will often exchange kisses on each cheek. Meetings between Men and Women will involve a handshake or nod of acknowledgement.


Most visits to Mozambique are trouble-free. However street crime is common in Maputo and is increasing in other cities and tourist destinations. Bag-snatching and pick-pocketing are also problems. Be vigilant at all times. Beaches or offshore islands are not policed. Avoid walking alone at night. Avoid displaying valuables or money (deposit them in a hotel safe if possible). Keep your car doors locked whilst driving. Pay particular care when arriving at or leaving residential properties after dark. Do not pick up strangers or stop to assist (apparently) distressed motorists or pedestrians.

Our Services for Maputo, Mozambique:


We offer full immigration services in Mozambique.

Orientation, Home Search, School Search, Tenancy Management, Spousal Support, Departure Services and Settling in Services.

Housing Surveys, Cost of Living Surveys, Schooling and Vehicle Surveys.

Administration on International Payment and Payroll Services

 For all enquiries e-mail info@relocationafrica.co.za.