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Demand Strongest In 8 Years For Airline Passenger Connectivity

African airlines posted the strongest demand growth among global regions with February traffic up 12.7 percent compared to a year ago — a sign that African carriers are regaining market share after several difficult years, according to the International Air Transport Association.Mwandira-one-of-the-first-passengers-to-fly-on-Malawian-Airlines-plane-from-South-Africa-after-landing-at-Chileka-Airport-in-Blantyre-Pic-Lucky-Mkandawire-600x450-600x350

Africa is set for strong expansion in air connectivity, the IATA reported. Efforts to enhance revenue management systems are paying off, along with increased exports from Africa.

Africa aviation accounts for more than 70 million passengers a year, generates over $80 billion in gross domestic product and supports more than 6.9 million jobs on the continent. Over the next five years the African economy is forecast to grow at a 4.7 percent per year — well above the global average.

“In the first two months of 2016, demand for passenger connectivity is off to its strongest start in eight years,” said IATA Director General Tony Tyler, AfricanCargoNews reported.

The industry body predicts that seven of the 10 fastest growing air passenger markets over the next 20 years will be in Africa, RoutesOnline reported. These include Malawi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.


Ghana vows tough action against abusive foreign employers

Several employers have appeared in court facing charges of torturing their workers, a development that has angered labour unions in the country. The unions have threatened to stage protests against some of the companies accused of abuse.Ghana Cover

We cannot countenance such dehumanising conduct in the world of work

Labour and Employment Relations minister Haruna Iddrisu on Thursday said the government would consider cancelling licenses of companies found to be abusing workers.

“We have jointly taken a position on the matter not to end at the condemnation of the act which is an affront to our labour legislation and practices in Ghana; but to punish same and therefore appropriate steps are being taken, even if it means a revocation of that free zones license, ” he said.

“We are a signatory to all the respected ILO [International Lobour Organisation] conventions that supports and promotes decent work and productive work environment; and the rights of workers will continuously be upheld and respected by this government and all public institutions.”

An employee of Gateway Logistics Limited in Ghana’s oil city of Takoradi, was in March chained to a container for several hours under the scorching sun by his Italian supervisor, Manlio Maggiorotto for allegedly loitering during working hours.


Building A Bold, New HR: 10 Things We Need Now

Building something new always demands a moment of pause. So, we did just that. We paused and posed a much needed question:

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWzAAAAJGI5MGI5NjU2LTJjMjAtNDdhMS05NGRmLWNiYTBjZTdhMGU5NgIf you could disrupt one aspect of HR to help employees — what would that be?

To say the least, these weren’t one-word, one-sided responses. (Please note this is not a scientific study. It reflects a conversation.) Your comments held honesty and a sense of fair play — and you shared thoughtful, success-oriented solutions rooted in experience. BTW, more than a few HR professionals shared their aspirations for their own field — and their input to the conversation is vital.

It’s clear that many of us are frustrated with HR — one comment described the function as “the monster in the closet”. But, HR isn’t an enemy. It is just their time to evolve. I’d rather say that where we are, is a needed point of inflection. Organizational life has changed dramatically over the last decade and that has played a key role here.

But, through all of this — all I see is opportunity.

We should build on what is already working and what we have learned, to make key adjustments. It’s been a rather steep learning curve of late (just consider the engagement dilemma alone). But, we’ve already begun to make forward progress.

Here are 10 frequently mentioned elements, woven through your responses:


How to write your Last Will and Testament as an expat

Why a Will is important
Writing a Will is a part of responsible financial planning which saves your loved ones a bureaucratic headache after you are gone.Your Last Will and Testament is one of the most important documents you will ever write. Unfortunately, most people associate the act of writing a Will with their dying days, and as a result, it is one of those tasks that never quite gets done.
You may feel that the end result is the same whether or not you have a Will; assets will pass to the next of kin. Sadly, this is rarely the case, and the distribution of your assets without a Will varies significantly from country to country and even across jurisdictions within the same country.Expat-Will-691x461

A Will not only describes the distribution of your assets, but also allows you to appoint an Executor, or estate administrator who takes responsibility for gathering up your assets and distributing them according to the instructions in the Will.

It is true that your Will only comes into effect after you have died. But that doesn’t mean you should wait until just before you die before getting your estate planning documents in order. Writing a Will is a part of responsible financial planning which saves your loved ones a bureaucratic headache after you are gone.

Wills for assets held in different countries
If you live overseas, but still own a home, or have other assets in your country of origin, we generally recommend that you prepare a Will for each country in which you have assets.Writing a Will is even more important if you have assets in more than one country. Estate planning and inheritance laws vary across countries, so rather than accept the plan that the government has created, you can make your own appointments and distribute your assets according to your wishes, by taking the time to write your own Will.