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The Ministry of Labor (MOL) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is in the process of converting to new biometric work cards. Foreign nationals currently applying for work authorization in the DRC will receive the new biometric work card. However, the MOL has further mandated that current holders of valid non-biometric work cards must visit their local MOL office to submit their biometric data and obtain the new biometric card. Reportedly, authorities will begin visiting work sites later this month to assure that all foreign workers have either converted over to the new biometric card or have submitted their biometrics in the process of doing so.

With issuance of the new cards currently taking up to 20 days in many instances, companies and their foreign employees should report to their local MOL office immediately to begin the process of obtaining the new biometric cards before enforcement site visits begin. Foreign nationals working in the DRC who have not received their new biometric work cards should reach out to their Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Specialists as soon as possible for assistance.