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With the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation laws now in place, we thought we’d share what we’ve done over the past while in order to ensure we are compliant as a South African business. Much of what the GDPR has identified in terms of Data Protection were things that, over the past 25 years, we have already implemented, to ensure that we are a quality provider. Nonetheless, our Compliance Committee took the opportunity to review the requirements and ensure that we continue to meet global compliance requirements. Some of the areas we have worked on are:

  • Divisional Data Audits have taken place, providing us with an overview of how each business sector handles their data.
  • Our Data Protection Policy, that governs data protection for the entire business, was reviewed to ensure its compliance with GDPR requirements.
  • GDPR training systems have been implemented, containing guidelines to comply with the new regulations. The training can be updated as needed.
  • A revised Data Privacy Policy has been added to our website.
  • Our email disclaimers have been amended.
  • We have taken the step of introducing a few new processes in terms of authorizing our Ground Consultants to deliver services, as well as closing off files, to ensure higher levels of data protection.
  • Our IT systems have been reviewed to ensure all data is secure while in transit, and when stored.

Going forward, we will be actively monitoring the legislation’s roll-out, to keep ahead of any possible changes. If you would like more information about our GDPR compliance, feel free to reach out to us. We implore all businesses, even those based outside the EU, to ensure that they have strict data protection policies in place – even those that extend further than the new GDPR requirements. The protection of personal information is becoming increasingly important in a time when more information can be sourced and disseminated online.


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