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Johannesburg will shut off its water supply for more than two days from Monday June 24, the city said on Tuesday.

Rand Water, which is our main bulk water supplier, is planning a major shutdown that will affect all our reservoirs and towers in terms of water supply for 54 hours from June 24.”

“The shutdown is on the B11 pipeline to install a 2,500mm butterfly valve from Lethabo to Vereeniging pumping station. This will result in limited water supply to all Rand Water customers,” it said.

Officials said this does not mean that there would be no water during that period. “However, due to the extremely long hours, some of the areas may experience a shortage of water or low pressure,” said the city.

“Johannesburg Water appeals to all residents of Johannesburg to use water sparingly during the shutdown in order to avoid a complete no-water situation and reminds all that level-1 water restrictions are still in place.

“The shutdown will also affect a number of municipalities across Gauteng. We apologise for the inconvenience.”


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