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All travelers are required to present proof of their Yellow Fever vaccination certificate at their port of entry into Nigeria. The Yellow Fever card is an important document which is given to a person after getting a vaccine against Yellow Fever. Following the declaration by the Federal Government in Nigeria that the old Yellow Fever card would no longer be acceptable from July 1, 2019, the government of Nigeria introduced a new electronic Yellow Fever card (the “E-Yellow Card”). The E-Yellow Card is issued by the Ministry of Health Vaccination Centre.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends vaccination against yellow fever for all international travellers nine months of age and older, before they come to Nigeria, as there is evidence of persistent or periodic yellow fever virus transmission here in Nigeria. The WHO has established additional measures at ports of entry for the prevention and control of Yellow Fever, which includes presentation of evidence of vaccination against Yellow Fever on arrival in Nigeria.

Expatriates that reside in Nigeria for work purposes will be required to obtain the Yellow Fever vaccination card by swapping the Yellow Fever card obtained in their country with the e-Yellow Card. The documents required for the swap are as follows:

  1. Original international passport
  2. Yellow fever card
  3. Payment receipt

It is important to note that the expatriate must have received the yellow fever and polio vaccination before the card can be swapped. In the event the expatriate has not received
the polio vaccination, he will be required to receive the vaccination before the card can be issued.

Furthermore, travellers arriving Nigeria without proof of Yellow Fever vaccination would be vaccinated with the yellow fever vaccine at the points of entry and issued the e-Yellow Card, after payment of the relevant fees.

This information is courtesy of Bloomfield Law Practice, which is able to procure the new e-Yellow Card on behalf of expatriates who are already in country and only require their cards to be swapped. Those interested can contact Bloomfield via olamide.soetan@bloomfield-law.com or +234 1454 2130.


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