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Written by Quintin Coetzee

Over time, at Relocation Africa, we’ve realized the value of engaging in teambuilding activities. We’ve seen how it brings out team members together, and fosters a sense of community throughout our head office. We’ve even seen the innovation that comes with allowing each person in the office the chance to lead these sessions. In this article, we’ve outlined some of our teambuilding efforts.

Team Memo

At the start of each week, Quintin Coetzee, our Marketing Assistant, sends out a team memo which contains helpful information including staff leave days and out of office days, the latest news, weather, links to our social media for our team to engage on, and a feelgood cartoon. This memo kicks the week off on a lighter note, and helps keep the head office crew informed.

Wacky Wednesdays

Each Wednesday morning, for 15 minutes, we have Wacky Wednesday. Joy Jackson, our HR Manager, started this initiative to allow everyone the chance to get to know one another better, or just have some fun before the workday starts in the middle of the week. Wednesday was chosen as this is the day our staff meetings are held and everyone is at the office (we now have a hybrid work system that allows for 2 days of work from home, as well as flexi time).

What started off as Joy presenting questions has now turned into team members taking turns to come up with something to ask everyone on a Tuesday afternoon, giving them enough time to prep their answers. These questions have included:

  • What is your current obsession? (by Lucy Smith)
  • What is your spirit animal? (by Eloise Williams)
  • What is your fondest childhood memory? (by Quintin Coetzee)
  • What is your pick-me-up jam? Please bring your song to the office to play. (by Chantelle Butcher)
  • Describe a defining moment in your life when you realized your gift, how it played out and what you did with it. (by Andrew Stegmann)
  • What’s on your bucket list? (by Rene Stegmann)
  • What was your favorite childhood game, and why? (by Joy Jackson)
  • What fictional family would you like to be part of, and why? (by Lynn Mackenzie)

These sessions have evolved in all kinds of ways, including the team bringing in items that represent their heritage to celebrate South Africa’s Heritage Day, as can be seen in the photos below.

Heritage Day items.

From left: Eloise Williams, Quintin Coetzee, Lucy Smith, Pumza M, Joy Jackson, Lynn Mackenzie, Marlyse Wood

Team Building

Each month at our head office in Cape Town, a new staff member has the fun task of hosting a morning team building session for the rest of our team. Names are drawn in rotation, so that everyone has a chance to come up with a team building idea, and organize their session.

We do this because we understand the value that these kinds of ongoing experiences can have for team members. Team building activities have included:

  • Mini parachute and paper plane building (by Quintin Coetzee)
  • Playing board games (by Andrew Stegmann)
  • Going for a walk around the neighborhood (by Eloise Williams)

Clockwise from left: Quintin Coetzee, Andrew Stegmann, Lynn Mackenzie, Rene Stegmann, Lucy Smith, Tanja Glatz, Marlyse Wood, Inaaz Arend, Nausheena Hoosain, Joy Jackson, Eloise Williams

CSR Projects

Each month, the team comes together to hold an CSR project. These are either half an hour to an hour long sessions on the day, or take place during the month, such as with a collection, and are then completed on the day of the CSR project. In this way, our company has a chance to give back to the community, and team members have a chance to lead a project, and learn about how valuable corporate social initiatives are. Projects have included:

  • Sandwich making for the poor (by Rene Stegmann)
  • Book drive for charity shops (by Quintin Coetzee)
  • Neighborhood litter collection (team idea)

Each year on Mandela Day, the team also gets together to give back to our community in some way, as part of the Mandela Day campaign’s call for 67 minutes of giving back, to recognize the 67 years Nelson Mandela fought for social justice.

From left: Quintin Coetzee, Marlyse Wood, Vulcan Guests

From left: Chantelle Butcher, Joy Jackson, Quintin Coetzee, Marlyse Wood, Help the Rural Child Guests, Andrew Stegmann, Lynn Mackenzie, Eloise Williams

Wellness Workshops

Joy Jackson, our HR Manager, hosts a monthly wellness workshop that is attended by all head office staff. In this workshop, team members are asked what their states of mind are, and to assess their experiences at the company using a number of different metrics. Group discussions are held about how to improve the company culture, and through this collaborative effort, make the workplace better for all.

In Conclusion

Team building should be an integral part of any business’ operations, and value should be placed on ensuring that each team member has a chance not only to take part, but to take the lead sometimes.

For some fun team building ideas, visit this site.

From left: Joy Jackson, Quintin Coetzee, Lynn Mackenzie, Chantelle Butcher, Lucy Smith, Nausheena Hoosain, Eloise Williams, Inaaz Arend, Marlyse Wood


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