Head Office

We are not currently looking to fill any positions at our Head Office.

Mobility Consultants

We are not currently looking to fill any positions within our Mobility division.

Part-time research field worker

LOCATIONS currently sourcing field workers:

  • Congo – Brazzaville
  • DRC – Kinshasa
  • Mozambique – Maputo
  • Gabon – Libreville
  • Lesotho – Maseru
  • Eswatini – Mbabane

We are currently recruiting for a part time fieldworkers to assist in completing COL surveys and other upcoming research projects.Relocation Africa Group is an independent trade company with a research division focusing on Africa, which, among other things, collects data to supply to companies sending their staff to work abroad. The Cost of Living (COL) is used as a component in analysing the difference in the costs of living between an assignees home country and the country to which they have been sent to work.


Valid identity document or passport
Language: Speak, Read and Write English
Access to a laptop/PC
Computer literate
Reliable and regular access to the internet
Excellent knowledge of expatriate shops in (specified city and country)

Bank Account to receive payments


Be able to meet deadlines (good time management skills)
Attention to detail
Previous experience in collating data would be an advantage but not a prerequisite

If you fulfill the above mentioned requirements and competencies please forward your updated English CV with a ONE page motivational letter to:


Closing date: ASAP

Immigration Providers

We are not currently looking to fill any positions within our Immigration division.

Tax Consultant Providers

Currently we are not actively looking for service providers to deliver any Tax Consultancy advice in Africa.

If however you feel that you are able to assist us with advisory services for clients across Africa, please contact René Stegmann on rene@relocationafrica.com.