Immigration (Africa)

Our Immigration division provides Immigration support services in many African countries. While we focus on corporate clients for most of Africa, we are able to assist private individuals with a variety of immigration services in South Africa.

Relocation Africa is a privately owned business. We are not linked to any government department in any country. We charge for our advice and services offered by our qualified immigration practitioners through our network in Africa. The services which we offer are in accordance with the Immigration Acts in the various locations in Africa in which we provide these services. Visa application forms may be acquired from any of the registered VFS centres or other Government locations at no cost.

Our African Immigration Division is able to provide services in limited countries around Africa. Our service reach and reliability are growing.

Relocation Africa is a privately owned business and we do charge for our services and advice. There are various government divisions that one can acquire free information and application forms from in order to process relevant immigration services. Please refer to our Disclaimer to find some useful links.

We do understand that the process is fairly complex and you may choose to complete the process through an organisation such as ours. We take the hassle away and ensure a smooth and efficient application process. We are able to monitor and track the application throughout the process. At any stage in the process you will be able to talk to an individual rather than holding on for hours trying to get hold of the right person within the Home Office.

Our immigration division supports various categories of temporary and permanent Visas, such as Study, Visitor, and Business Visas, Work Visas, Permanent Residence, Entry Clearances, Cartes de Séjour, Alien Registration Cards,  and Exit Visas for the Continent of Africa.

We facilitate additional services such as the application of police clearance certificates, medical examinations, educational documents, authentication of documents, passport renewals, un/abridged birth, divorce and marriage certificates, translations, notarisation etc. Individuals are able to apply for these documents through the various governmental departments. This is very dependent on the country you are going to and your nationality or the country of residency.

Application through Government Departments can cause frustration and time delays. Clients choose to work through us as we are able to facilitate this process and take the headache away. Once you have spoken to one of our consultant for advise, they will advise you on which application process and visa is applicable to your situation and quote you on the service fees applicable to your situation. Call us on +27 21 763 4240. Please refer to our Disclaimer for additional information.

Our locations for immigration are all over Africa.  There are three phases of the Immigration Process for Africa.


  • Understanding the needs based on the client and individual/family
  • Outline of process
  • Quotation and authorisation
  • Procurement of documents
  • Apolstille, authentications, translation and /or notorisation of documents


  • Tracking of passport, visa, etc.
  • Renewals management
  • Recommendations for residency permits


  • Preparation of Application Forms
  • Completion of Supporting Documents
  • Outline of process and timing
  • Submission of applications or detail submission guidance
  • Follow up with relevant authorities and feedback
  • Collection, record keeping for tracking purposes
  • Return of passport and original documents

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