Our Research Division has been providing Compensation and Benefits data for 15 years across Africa.

The data is used for businesses requiring data relating to a policy or remuneration structuring. The aim is to get real-time data on the ground in Africa to enable a business to make informed decisions regarding assignee transfers for budgeting purposes.

Research services include:

Cost of Living Analysis

We are able to provide either a detailed or a basic shopping basket comparison between a home and host country, for projecting the cost of living in the host country. We source this data from the continent of Africa.

Housing Surveys

The housing market in African countries can change on a monthly basis, and we custom research detailed surveys for all countries in Africa with our network on the ground. This data provides clients with information relating to housing tax, lease periods, inclusions and exclusions which may be applicable to leases in a particular African Country, rental amounts, potential pitfalls, desirable areas and can be customized with any specific requirements for your company.

Education Surveys

Education is a fundamental concern for expatriates moving to a new location, and we have, and can run specific updates on, schooling surveys in most African locations. If your requiremnts are American International, French International or Cambridge Syllabus, we can supply you with relevant reliable information including locations of schools and proximity to desirable housing areas.

Vehicle Surveys

Transport in Africa can be challenging and public transport especially. We provide Car pricing data, as well as servicing information. We also provide public transport information in most African destinations and will run specific research should your company require it.