Gauteng’s New Online School Application System is Live

The application and placement process for the 2020 academic year for Grades 1 and 8 in Gauteng public schools went live on Monday (20 May).

The Admissions Online Application System was introduced to make it easy and convenient for parents to submit applications rather than queue at a school.

It has also provided accurate information to the Department of Education for planning purposes, such as the allocation of resources including educators, classrooms, learning and teaching study materials.

The department assured that the online process has improved and now has the capacity to accommodate 50,000 simultaneous users.

Parents or applicants with children in Grade R in the current school as well as for Grade 8 in Schools of Focused Learning or Schools of Specialization should also be made online.

When applying online, parents have a choice to submit a maximum of five applications using the following options:

  • Home Address closest to school within feeder-zone;
  • Sibling at the school;
  • Work address within feeder-zone;
  • Home Address within 30 km;
  • Home address is beyond 30 km of the school.

First come, first serve

The rankings are subject to the availability of space in the school and will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis and on the following prioritization.

  • The department has advised parents to understand that living closer to the school does not entitle a person to automatic admission.
  • The system will show all schools and applicant/parent will choose the relevant school and reference number WA6 will be generated.
  • Once the application is completed online, the applicant or parent will receive an SMS notification with the relevant reference number.

For this reason, applicants and parents are urged to use their own valid cell phone number or email address, the department said.

All communication with the parent regarding username, password and waiting list reference number will be conducted through the supplied cell phone number or email address.

Parents are urged to store the login details and reference number in a safe place.

Applicants and parents should then submit the following documents to the school within seven working days:

  • Certified copy of identity document (ID) of the parent/legal guardian or a sworn affidavit in case a parent/legal guardian does not have an ID;
  • Non-South African citizens should submit a certified copy of their passport, valid Visa or Temporary/Permanent residence Permit/ Asylum Seeker or Refugee Permit;
  • Proof of home address;
  • Certified copy of child’s birth certificate. Unabridged birth certificates are not required;
  • Clinic Immunization Card if applying for grade 1. Non-South Africans are also required to submit proof of immunization;
  • Current school academic report and transfer if applying for Grade 8;
  • Proof of a sibling relationship where sibling option is used.

Upon submission of documents, parents must sign a register to indicate that documents were submitted and receive a confirmation of submission of documents receipt.

Placement of learners by the department will take place between 27 August – and 20 September 2019.

Parents/applicants will receive SMS notification of a successful and unsuccessful application to the school.

They have an obligation to accept or reject the placement offer within seven days. Failure to accept this within the given period will result in the offer being forfeited and it will be given to the next person on the queue.

To visit the online application website, click here.


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SA Home Affairs Visitor Visa Directive

Visitors visas issued in terms of Section 11(2) of the SA Immigration Act to conduct short term work

The first visitors visa issued in terms of Section 11(2) of the SA Immigration Act (issued at the SA Missions), may be approved for a maximum duration of 3 months. Where a further extension is required within the RSA, an extension may be requested for a final period, not exceeding another 3 months.

Any person who has been issued with a visitors visa in terms of Section 11(2) of the SA Immigration Act and has had it extended for a further 3 months, shall not qualify for another visitors visa in terms of Section 11(2) of the SA Immigration Act, within that same calendar year. If such visa is issue with dates which overlap into a new calendar year, the dates falling into the new calendar year must be calculated as part of the new calendar year.

Back to back applications within the same year, by the same applicant, may not be accepted by the SA Missions and applications for extensions will only be accepted once in each calendar year.

It should further be noted that the DHA adjudicators have been instructed that when processing applications for extensions in terms of Section 11(1)(a) of the SA Immigration Ac (from within the RSA), they must ensure that the applicant does not end up having more than 180 days in a year.

For more information about visitor visas, visit the VFS website here.


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5 Fast-growing Business Destinations for South Africans

According to data revealed by Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT), the fastest growing international business destinations for South African travellers in 2018 were London, Lagos and Mauritius.

London saw a spectacular year-on-year growth of 47%, while Lagos and Mauritius reported year-on-year increases in numbers of respectively 35% and 34%. In fourth and fifth place are Harare and Dubai: traffic to Harare from South Africa increased by 24% and flights to Dubai were up 17%.

1. London

“Year after year, the city of London remains at the top of South African lists for both business and leisure travellers,” said Andrew Grunewald, FCBT team leader. He said that 2018 was no different despite the threat of Brexit.

“The city of London itself is also enjoying rapid growth with independent studies continually ranking it above rivals such as New York and Hong Kong,” said Grunewald. “It is one of the world’s leading finance centres and offers a huge variety of business venues and conference centres.”

2. Lagos

With more South African companies seeking to exploit opportunities north of our borders, it is not surprising to see Lagos place as the second fastest growing business destination for South African travellers, according to Grunewald.

“This African city is the main financial, economic and commercial centre of the Nigeria,” he said. “Lagos accounts for over 60% of industrial and commercial activities in the nation and is a financially viable city.”

3. Mauritius

The fact that Mauritius with its attractive tax regime and stable economy is the third fastest growing business destination comes hardly as a surprise, Grunewald said. The country ranked as the highest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa on the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing

Business’ Index and the country’s banks have become beacons of growth and stability in sub-Saharan Africa.

4. Harare

Harare places fourth for South African business travellers. Grunewald explains that the latest EY Africa Attractiveness report 2018 shows that Zimbabwe is the second most popular foreign investment destination in Southern Africa.

5. Dubai

In fifth position, Dubai with its strategic position, has become a hub for international business. The city’s regular summits, conferences and expos bring together business leaders from around the globe, Flight Centre said.

In South Africa

Within South Africa, FCBT reported that although Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban continue to be the most popular air travel routes, the three fastest growing domestic airports in 2018 were in fact George (with a 70% growth year on year), followed by Kimberley (36%) and Lanseria (31%).

The phenomenal growth George experienced in 2018 as a business destination might come as a surprise, but this Garden Route town was in fact hailed as one of the Western Cape cities offering the highest quality of life, beating Cape Town.

“George has become increasingly popular as a business and investment destination thanks to its ideal location and low crime rate,” said Grunewald.

The Northern Cape and Kimberley remain an important business destination thanks to its mining and agriculture sectors. The area is also growing as a result of its renewable energy initiatives with a great number of solar plants developed over the past few years.

Kimberley Airport and Upington International Airport were voted in 2019 as the best airports in Africa by size and region, in the under 2 million passengers category.

Lanseria is steadily gaining ground as the third fastest growing domestic airport, Flight Centre said. This growth is not likely to slow down as the airport has announced it is aiming to double its passenger numbers to more than 4 million within the next six years.


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Direct Flights Restore Historic Link Between Cape Town and St Helena

Cape Town will again connect the world with St Helena, one of the world’s most remote islands, when a direct flight begins in December.

“This new route is very exciting, providing fresh opportunities to market tourism to both the Western Cape and St Helena, capitalising on the historic links between the two,” MEC of economic opportunities Beverley Schäfer said.

The RMS St Helena, a cargo and passenger liner which originated in Cape Town, was the key lifeline for St Helena for 28 years until its retirement in 2018.

Airlink began operating the island’s first plane route in 2017, a six-hour flight from Johannesburg to St Helena Airport, which was built by SA construction company Basil Read.

The new Tuesday flights will operate between December 3 and March 31 2020.

News of the new route follows US-based United Airlines’ announcement that it would start direct flights between Cape Town and Newark, New Jersey, in the US.

Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro, which promotes investment, trade and tourism in Cape Town and the Western Cape, said: “By connecting Cape Town to other tourist attractions around the world, we are able to help visitors put together itineraries with Cape Town at the centre.

“This strengthens our tourism offer considerably.”

St Helena, where Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile in 1821, gives tourists a chance to see his residence, volcanic coastlines and whale sharks.


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Italian Oil & Gas Company Eni Discovers New Light Oil in Angolan Waters

Eni has made a new light oil discovery in Block 15/06, in Angola’s deep offshore. The well was drilled on the Ndungu exploration prospect. The new discovery is estimated to contain up to 250 million barrels of light oil in place, with further upside.

The Ndungu-1 NFW well is located a few kilometers from Eni’s West Hub facilities, and has been drilled by the Poseidon drill-ship in a water depth of 1076 meters and reached a total depth of 4050 meters. Ndungu-1 NFW proved a single oil column of about 65 meters with 45 meters of net pay of high quality oil (35° API) contained in Oligocene sandstone with excellent petro-physical properties. The result of the intensive data collection indicates a production capacity in excess of 10,000 barrels of oil per day.

Ndungu is the first significant oil discovery in Angola inside an already existing Development Area. It certifies the concrete validity of the recent legislation, promoted through the Presidential Legislative Decree No. 5/18 of 18 May 2018, which defines a favorable legal framework on additional exploration activities within existing Development Areas.

Being located about 2 km from the Mpungi field, the new discovery can be fast-tracked to production due to the proximity to the Sub Sea production system. Production will be routed to the N’goma FPSO, therefore extending the West Hub’s production plateau.

Ndungu is the fourth discovery of commercial nature since the Block 15/06 Joint Venture re-launched its exploration campaign in mid-2018. It follows the discoveries of Kalimba, Afoxé and Agogo; the four discoveries altogether already estimated to contain up to 1.4 Billion barrels of light oil in place. The appraisal phase of these discoveries will target their additional upside.

These important discoveries further demonstrate the upside potential of the block and the effectiveness of the proprietary technologies that Eni used and will use to explore Block 15/06.

The Block 15/06 Joint Venture, composed by Eni (operator, 36.8421%), Sonangol P&P (36.8421%) and SSI Fifteen Limited (26.3158%), will work to fast track its development.

Angola is a strategic Country for Eni’s organic growth. Eni has been present in the Country since 1980 and currently accounts an equity production of about 150,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. In Block 15/06 the two oil development projects, West Hub and East Hub, currently produce about 155,000 barrels of oil per day (100%). Eni is also operator of Cabinda Norte Block, located onshore.


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