CHAD (Country risk rating: High) – RED24

11 November; Violent protests reported in N’Djamena, Moundou and Sarh
Thousands of demonstrators participated in disruptive protests in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena, and the cities of Moundou and Sarh on 11 November. The unrest reportedly commenced in Sarh, where residents took to the streets in protest to a recent fuel hike and the ongoing non-payment of teachers’ salaries. At least two people were wounded when security forces reportedly opened fire on the demonstrators attempting to march on the town hall. Anti-government protests soon spread to the urban centres of N’Djamena and Moundou but were similarly suppressed by security personnel. Although there were no immediate reports of casualties at these events, at least one petrol station was allegedly vandalised by protesters in Moundou. The unrest is indicative of how violent and disruptive gatherings can spontaneously occur, and similarly be suppressed, in Chad. Increases in fuel prices, in addition to ongoing strike action in various public sectors, carry the potential to incite further protests and demonstrations in the short-term. Clients in Chad, particularly those based in the aforementioned urban centres, should monitor local media sources and avoid all related protests and gatherings. Please note that due to various security concerns, all non-essential travel to Chad is advised against. This advisory, however, excludes N’Djamena, where the security environment is assessed as being more stable.