International Travel Provision Made for South Africans

Courtesy of Lynn Mackenzie, J.D., LLM

South Africans, under strict regulations, may now embark on International Travel. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) confirmed on May 23rd 2020, that such international travel is only permitted for the following purposes;

  1. Work
  2. Study
  3. Family reunion
  4. Take up permanent residency
  5. Receive medical attention

In order for South Africans to be approved for international travel, they must satisfy the following requirements;

  • A copy of a valid South African passport;
  • A letter from the country you will be travelling to confirming your admissibility, permission for transiting countries
  • Proof of means of travel and the intended date of departure.

Furthermore, should a group require international travel approval, one Department of Home Affairs application can be utilized, however supporting documentation must be submitted for each member of the group.

Currently, the approval process is unclear, however the expectation reins that the usual DHA processing protocols would be adhered to.

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