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Country Facts
Working week:Monday – Friday
08:00 – 17:00
Driving:Drive on Right side of the road
Area:1,246,700 sq.km
Capital City:Luanda
Religion:Christianity 94%
GDP:$6,484 per capita
Time Zone:WAT (UTC+1)


Relocation Africa has been servicing Luanda in Angola for 12 years successfully.  We have serviced outlying locations for adhoc projects but these will incur an additional fees.  With larger projects in outlying areas we are able to recruit and train a consultant within 4 – 6 weeks.


Angola is a huge country and the climate in the north is much more tropical than in the arid south. The rainy season in the north usually lasts from November to April. The south gets scat- tered rains twice a year, from March to July and October to November.


The majority of suitable expat housing is located within se- cure estates or “compounds” which are monitored by security guards or security companies. These are all located on the outskirst of Luanda. Free-standing homes and apartments with security are available in the city center.


3 x International Schools. One offers the International Bacca- leaureate. An English school teaches the South African Curricu- lum and a Portuguese option teaches the Portuguese curriculum.


In Luanda there are one or two good private clinics, but these are extremely expensive and require immediate payment. The water supply is unsafe to drink, visitors should avoid eating unpeeled fruit and vegetables and the milk is unpasteurised and should be boiled; alternatively use tinned milk reconstituted with purified water. Drinking water should be treated or bought in sealed bottles (avoid ice cubes in drinks) and care should be taken with hygiene and food, particularly street food.


Belas Shopping mall is in the southern suburb of Talatona. Small and quite expensive with cinemas and food court. Also a Shoprite. Other supermarkets are Maxi and Kero. Casa dos frescose stocks South African produce and has good meat.

Our Services for Luanda, Angola:


We offer full immigration services in Angola.

Orientation, Home Search, School Search, Tenancy Management, Spousal Support, Departure Services and Settling in Services.

Housing Surveys, Cost of Living Surveys, Schooling and Vehicle Surveys.

Administration on International Payment and Payroll Services

 For all enquiries e-mail info@relocationafrica.co.za.