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Country Facts
Working week:Monday – Friday
08:00 – 17:00
Driving:Drive on Left side of the road
Area:581,730 sq. km
Capital City:Gaborone
Language:English and Setswana
Religion:Christianity 70%
GDP:$17,106 per capita
Time Zone:CAT (UTC+2)


Relocation Africa has been servicing Gaberone in Botswana for 6 years successfully.  We can service outlying locations for adhoc projects but these will incur an additional fees.  With larger projects in outlying areas we are able to recruit and train a consultant within 4 – 6 weeks.


Summer, between October and April, can be very hot, but daytime temperatures typically hover around 30oC (86oF). The rainy season lasts from January to March. Winter, from May to September, brings cooler weather with an average temperature of 25oC (77oF); early mornings and evenings may be cold.


Majority of suitable housing is concentrated in central area of Gaborone where there is adequate security and easy access to popular shopping malls and schools. Mainly secure town houses, free-standing houses and apartments. A few expatriate stay in the outskirts areas like Phakalane neighbourhood.


Majority are English medium schools which offer British and French curriculum options.


The dust and heat may cause problems for some people. Visi- tors should use sun protection, especially due to Botswana’s
high altitude. The public health system is good. All main towns have chemists, and pharmaceutical supplies are readily available. Health insurance is essential. It is recommended to be vaccinated against the following: Hepatitis A, Malaria, Tetanus and Typhoid.


The best known supermarkets are: Spar, Score and Shoprite. Shopping hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1800, Sat 0830-1300.


In times past,women were expected to stay home and take care of the children and the family proper- ties. These days women also work and many hold high positions too. Some co-workers, especially men, might think that they shouldn’t be supervised by a woman and this might lead to frictions in the work place.


Batswana are hospitable people enjoy going to cattle post over weekends, they take pride in their culture and love speaking Tswana language mostly even in offices. Try not to discuss politics in social situations. Tradition dictates that a visitor is the first initiating greeting in most cases. Hierarchy dictates that the eldest person is the first to take food from the communal plate.


Tswana use formal verbal greetings accompanied by a handshake, using the right hand while sup- porting one’s elbow with the left hand. The hand- shake is less a grasp than a touching of palms and fingertips.


The unit of currency is the Pula (BWP). American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted. Banks open 0800 and 0900, Mon-Sat, closing between 1615 and 1715 on weekdays and 1045 and 1200 on Saturdays. ATMs are available in most larger cities and towns.


Driving is on the left. Botswana has good tarmac roads on major routes. Seat belts must be worn. An Int Driving Permit is not legally required, but
is recommended for stays of up to 6months. A Eu- ropean licence is valid for six months after arrival and will also usually suffice; thereafter, a Botswa- na licence must be obtained, which will be issued without a test if a valid UK licence is produced.


People in Botswana are very friendly and the crime rate is low. There isn’t much to worry about on this front. Nevertheless, crime has been on the rise over the past several years, so always be aware of your surroundings. Basic common sense will keep you safe from the predatory wildlife in rural areas. Bot- swana happens to be one of the safest countries in Africa, no civil war, less corruption, human rights, no natural disasters e.g earthquakes or tsunamis.

Our Services for Gaberone, Botswana:

We offer full immigration services in Botswana.

Orientation, Home Search, School Search, Tenancy Management, Spousal Support, Departure Services and Settling in Services.

Housing Surveys, Cost of Living Surveys, Schooling and Vehicle Surveys.

Administration on International Payment and Payroll Services

 For all enquiries e-mail info@relocationafrica.com.