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Country Facts
Working week:Monday – Friday
08:00 – 17:00
Driving:Drive on Right side of the road
Area:475,442 sq. km
Capital City:Yaounde
Language:French and English
Religion:Christianity 69%
Islam 21%
GDP:$2,514 per capita
Time Zone:WAT (UTC+1)


Relocation Africa has been servicing Yaoundé in Cameroon for 3 years successfully.  We can service outlying locations for adhoc projects but these will incur an additional fees.  With larger projects in outlying areas we are able to recruit and train a consultant within 4 – 6 weeks.


The south is hot and dry November-February. The main rainy season is June-October. Temperatures in the north vary. On the Adamaoua Plateau, temperatures drop sharply at night; the rainy season is May-October. Grassland areas inland are much cooler than the coast with regular rainfall.


Most expats live in Yaounde or Douala.


There are two international schools in Cameroon, both with using the American curriculum.


There are a number of district and private hospitals in Cameroon, although health facilities are not recommended to foreign travellers. Sanitation levels are low, even in the best hospitals and clinics. Facilities outside Yaoundé and Douala are extremely limited. International travellers are strongly advised to take out full medical insurance before departure. Vaccinations for Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Malaria, Tetanus, Typhoid and Yellow Fever are recommended but check with your doctor for updated regulations.


Shopping hours: Mon-Sat 0730-1800.


Traditionally women are expected to stay at home, care for the children, cook and clean. However, things are now changing with more and more women becoming professors, business people, and ministers in the government. It is disrespectful to shake hands with your left hand. Use only your right. If you have something in your right hand or your right hand is dirty or wet, it is polite to extend your wrist for the person to shake with his right hand or to touch wrists.


If you are invited to a Cameroonian’s house: Dress well – this demonstrates respect towards your hosts. Do not discuss business during a social function. The home is private. Do not ask for a tour. Cameroonians are somewhat formal and believe good table manners demonstrate respect. When in doubt, watch what others do and emulate their behaviour. Many Cameroonians eat with their hands.


Cameroonian greetings vary between the Franco- phone and Anglophone areas. In both areas, men shake hands with each other. In the Francophone south, close friends may embrace while brushing cheeks and kissing the air along with a handshake. In the Anglophone north, close friends have a unique handshake in which they pull their hands back and snap the other person’s middle finger with their thumb. As a sign of respect men often lower their head and avert their eyes when greet- ing someone superior to them in age or position. Muslims will not shake hands across genders. This is a hierarchical society & elders are greeted first. Women tend not to look other people in the eye.


The unit of currency is the CFA (Communauté Financière Africaine) Franc. Major credit cards are accepted on a very limited basis (some airline offices and hotels will take them). Cards cannot be used in banks to obtain cash advances. ATMs are rare. Mon-Fri 0730-1530 or from 0800-1700 at certain branches.


Driving is on the right hand side of the road. Rent- al cars are available although very expensive. As paved roads are rare away from the major cities of the west and northwest areas of the country, a 4 x 4 is a necessity when travelling to the east or central areas. The roads in the north are paved between cities and even the dirt roads tend to be in decent condition due to the lack of rain.


Violence is rare, but just be smart about wearing any jewellery or anything else that would make you stand apart from the rest. Take a taxi after dark if you’re unsure of the area.

Our Services for Yaoundé, Cameroon:

Looking at Q2 2017 to begin services for Immigration.

Orientation, Home Search, School Search, Tenancy Management, Spousal Support, Departure Services and Settling in Services.

Housing Surveys, Cost of Living Surveys, Schooling and Vehicle Surveys.

Administration on International Payment and Payroll Services

 For all enquiries e-mail info@relocationafrica.com.