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Ghana offers good quality schooling, with a variety of government, private, and international (foreign language) schools on offer. Foreign countries represented with international schools include the United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, and France. Ghanaian universities include University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and University of Cape Coast.

Education Facts


The school year runs from August to May. The schooling system operates on the basis of 6 years spent in Primary School, 3 years in Junior Secondary, and a further 3 years spent in Senior Secondary.

Some Schools for Consideration

  • Ghana International
  • British International
  • Roman Ridge
  • Al-Rayan International
  • Lincoln Community
  • De Nederlandse School

Indicative Pricing (International Schools)

  • USD 7,000 – 17,000 p.a.

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Business Visitors

Business visitors can enter the jurisdiction for  a maximum period of 90 days. Business activities include;  Consultation with business associates, travel for scientific purposes, education, conventions and conferences, negotiations of contracts, training, auditing, settling an estate.

Work Permit and Initial Visa Processing Time

  • Short Term and Long term/residence permit: A direct work/ residence permit application (without any sector-specific requirement/recommendation takes between 4-8 weeks to be approved and issued. Consequently, where support/recommendation letter from a sector regulator, the processing time may increase by up to four weeks.
  • GIPC automatic Immigrant Quota: The processing time is four to six weeks
  • B1 entry Visa application must be submitted for the new hire in the country of origin or the nearest embassy with jurisdiction.

Short Term Work/Residence Permit (6 Months)

  • A sponsoring company is required to apply to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) requesting a short term work permit for a new hire and provide sufficient justification for the request. The sponsoring entity must be registered within the region.
  • The sponsoring company must demonstrate to GIS that they are compliant and licenses to operate.
  • After the application has been processed and the work permit has been approved and issued; the hire must await the issuance of the residence permit prior to being authorized to work.

Long Term/Residence Permit

  • Same requirements as short term work permit.; Copy of Passport biodata, employment agreement; medical fitness confirmation, confirmation of relevant skills

GIPC (Ghana Investment Promotion Centre) Automatic Immigration Quota

* GIPC is an indefinite work permit allocated to companies who are registered with the GIPC.

Permanent Residency

  • An applicant must reside in Ghana for 12 consecutive months preceding the application.
  • They have resided for five years within a period of seven years immediately preceding the application
  • An intent to stay permanently
  • Make a substantial contribution to the development of Ghana
  • No prison record of more than 12 months
  • Have a valid residence permit upon application

Visa Facts

Immigration Services

We are able to assist with a wide variety of visas across Africa, including Family, Study, Spousal, Short-term work, Long-term work, and Temporary Visitor visas.


We offer outbound immigration services to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as Migration Through Investment programs for Grenada, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, and the United States.

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