New Service Launch: Health Insurance for Expats

Simplifying Health Insurance for Expats in Africa

Having faithfully served our clients for over two decades by providing insightful and essential relocation, immigration, settling-in assistance and more across Africa, Relocation Africa is now proud to announce a new partnership that will enable us to serve you even better!

A partner you can trust

We have joined forces with Pacific Prime, the world’s leading brokerage of health insurance coverage for expatriates, to offer unparalleled options for comprehensive individual, family, corporate, and travel medical protection. Themselves celebrating 15 years of providing the best possible insurance coverage options and pricing to more than 100,000 expatriates around the globe, we believe that Relocation Africa’s collaboration with Pacific Prime is going to be a great partnerships offering benefits to our clients.

Given the huge number of variables involved in relocation to and living in Africa, and the unfortunate scarcity of high-quality medical facilities on much of the continent, it is reassuring to know that there are health insurance plans available that will guarantee you have access to exceptional medical care when needed, no matter where you may travel to.

Superior experience and coverage

As an expatriate-focused company, they understands the various situations you may encounter while in Africa, and knows how to address the standards of care and assistance you require, even when they are not the norm in your area. The medical coverage provides access to routine, emergency and specialist healthcare, round-the-clock customer assistance, claims help, advice from in-house medical professionals, and activation of air-ambulances when needed to ensure that policyholders are safe in the face of any emergency. As countless happy customer testimonials attest to, this level of service places them head and shoulders above other expat insurers.

Through their long track record of excellent service, they have proven to be our worthy counterpart in the expat medical insurance industry. We feel this partnership is a fantastic addition to Relocation Africa’s continued pursuit of ever-improving service and offerings.

Compare your options… all in one place

As a broker, Pacific Prime has spent years building strong working relationships with dozens of the best international health insurance providers in the world. So the level of coverage you get through them is exactly the same as other direct-purchase customers, only it comes with Pacific Primes signature customer service for free!

Because Pacific Prime has the power of numbers on its side, every policy’s price is guaranteed to be equal to or less than purchasing the coverage on your own from the same insurer. Since Pacific Prime works for its customers, not the insurance companies, their advisors will take the time to explain the pros and cons of any policy you are interested in. So, when you are ready to make a purchase, you can be confident you are making the decision that is best for you.

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