Nigerian Ministry of Interior eCitBiz Record Migration Begins

The Nigerian Ministry of Interior recently announced a directive which seeks to move certain aspect of its services online. This is in a bid to deepen the e-governance initiative of the current administration. In furtherance of this directive, the Ministry of Interior is set to begin the migration of Business permit/Expatriate Quota and place of worship records to the eCitBiz online portal.

The Ministry of Interior by this notice has directed all affected companies and places of worship licenses by the Ministry to update and migrate into the new online portal.

Goals of the Migration

  • To provide online update for various Citizenship and Business Department
  • To provide online payment platform for companies, places of worship, Marriage
    and Citizenship Processing of Applications.
  • To provide a centralized and interactive database for all services of the
    Citizenship and Business Department.


  • The update/migration process is set to run from 23 July 2018 to 31
    August 2018.
  • The time set to commence full automation of the online platform is 3 September 2018.

For more information about the process, contact the Nigerian Ministry of Interior here.


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