Pre-Travel e-Visa Requirement for Kenya

Lynn Mackenzie, J.D., LLM

Courtesy of IKM Advocates

Please see the directive from the Directorate of Immigration Services (DIS) on the pre-travel visa requirement:-

Directive The DIS is in the process of fully automating the issuance of e-visas.


In accordance with the attached directive, any person from a country that require visas to enter Kenya shall be required to apply for and obtain e-visa before traveling. The list of countries whose nationals are eligible to obtain an e-visa can be accessed through http://evisa.go.ke/eligibility.html.


The e-visa can be obtained through www.evisa@go.ke.


Effective date 1 January 2021


Impact on business/residence High


  • Travelers will not be allowed to travel to Kenya without an E-Visa


  • Applications for visas shall only be done on the online platform


  • This services applies to all types of visas, that is :-

a.      single tourist visa;

b.     single entry business visa;

c.      referral visas (RSEV);

d.     transit visas;

e.      courtesy entry visas;

f.       East African tourist visas; and

g.     multiple journey business visas


  • Piloting of fast-tracked visas is currently ongoing – we shall update you once this service is launched


  • The processing timelines and official fees payable will vary depending on the type of visa


  • Delays in the processing of applications should be expected due to system downtime in the initial phase


  • Increased lead time – we recommend that applications for e-Visas should be made at least 7 – 14 working days before travel


  • Once issued, the  e-Visas should be printed in color and presented at the port of entry on arrival


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