Sustainable Development is Relocation Africa’s Business Imperative

“Sustainability is a business imperative for Relocation Africa,” Rene Stegmann, Director or Relocation Africa Group, states proudly. “We commit our personal selves, and our businesses core values, to have sustainability lead our business decisions and guide us to consistently adjust and alter our course to meet business objectives and stakeholder measurable.”


2021 taught us that together we cannot thrive unless the people and the planet are thriving. So we have challenged ourselves as a small business to continue to be mindful of sustainable development in all we do and to share and advocate for authentic ambitious goals and objectives to all drive forward a purposeful business into 2022.


Relocation Africa were honoured to be recognised in our achievements relating to the SDG’s thought winning the Environmental Stewardship Award in 2020 and cited by Graebel CSR 2021/2021 report.


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals feel overpowering to achieve and commit as a small business however, these are all objectives for our team to work towards in small bite sizes.  Part of our sustainable development charter as a business is to share knowledge, educate and connect authentically with our industry and with each of the SDG’s.   So over the next 12 months in 2022 we are going to travel a journey with the SDG’s and with our industry to encourage us to share and motivate each other on this sustainable journey.


There are many traditions around the world which Rene enjoys personally but the one she clings to is that of writing down her goals and objectives each year and then referring to them at the end of the year to see what she has managed to achieve.   What are your goals for 2022?