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South African retailers have announced expanded product ranges as consumers increasingly turn to vegan and ‘flexitarian’ diets.

Both Pick n Pay and Checkers said that they had experienced increased demand for more plant-based options which was now reflected by the products they offered in-store.

Nicki Russell, head of Innovation and Trend at Pick n Pay, said that its research shows more customers are opting for a ‘flexitarian’ diet which incorporates more plant-based options and less meat.

“What started as Meatless Monday has since expanded to include more and more days of the week.

“We’ve been working really hard to bring customers new and innovative local plant-based offerings to create a one-shop destination for customers wanting to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle.”

Checkers said it has also seen a steady uptake in customer requests for more vegan and plant-based alternatives over the past 12 months.

“Demand for vegan, plant-based, meat-free and dairy-free options continue to grow. Whether a customer is strictly vegan or just cutting down on meat and dairy, we are making sure we meet their needs,” said Willie Peters, general manager of marketing at Checkers.

Peters said that Google Trends data shows that South Africa is the only African country with a sizeable vegan following.

“Checkers will always be guided by what its customers want and will continue to expand on its already extensive variety of vegan and/or plant-based ingredients, convenience meals, salads and snacks.”


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