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The state-owned Ghana Water Company Ltd. has announced that because of severe dry winter winds and the drying up of rivers, water deliveries will be rationed over the coming months while the country awaits the rain.

The company has stated the cause of the shortages to be bad farming practices, the illegal felling of trees, illegal small-scale gold mining, and pollution of the country’s water bodies.

In a recent interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra, Stanley Martey, communications director of Ghana Water Company, revealed that with the exception of the eastern and the Ashanti regions, all regions in Ghana will have water rationed. Martey dismissed charges that Ghana Water Company was responsible for the dire water crisis.

According to residents, most of the rivers in the northern region have dried up completely.

Ghana Water Company has said that a timetable will be released soon to guide consumers as to when taps will be turned off, and that no community will go without water for more than two consecutive days.

Meanwhile, some 23.1 million Ghanaians, representing 73 percent of the 27 million population, are using water that does not meet the benchmark of Sustainable Development Goal requirements of at-home availability, reliable and contaminant-free drinking water. Only 3.9 million Ghanaians have access to drinking water that meets the requirements.

With increasing populations and climate change negatively impacting the adequate supply of fresh water in numerous countries around the world at present, lawmakers, corporations, and citizens are having to become increasingly inventive with how they reduce their usage.


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