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As part of our constant drive to give back to our community, our team has endeavored to join together to participate in a monthly community-focused CSR initiative. The team comes together each month to participate in an activity aimed at uplifting the community around our head office in Cape Town, after which ideas are put forward for the following month’s initiative.

In this way, as South Africans, we are giving back not only on Mandela Day, but throughout the year, as the need doesn’t end after the holiday.

Naturally, we take all necessary COVID-19-related precautions when participating in the activities, so as to ensure the health and safety of our team members and those we are interacting with outside our office.

For our fourth month, in December 2020, the Relocation Africa team bought Pick n Pay food hampers, with the theme of ‘Improving SA’s Food Security’. Once staff had dropped off their hampers at reception, we handed them over to The Honeybun Foundation.

The Honeybun Foundation, a Cape Town based NPO, aims at improving the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals. It was established in 2014 and since then has worked closely with informal settlements and safe homes. In addition to this, the foundation also has a feeding scheme once a month and feeds roughly 200 homeless individuals at a time.

The Honeybun Foundation is committed to providing meals and easing the burden of families who are struggling during the COVID lock-down. When we saw their drive to collect Pick n Pay grocery hampers, we decided to join in. For more information about the Foundation, click here, or contact Stephen on +2771 382 5455.

We hope this inspires our readers and other companies to start similar initiatives, as if we all work together, we can greatly improve the quality of life of those in need around us.



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