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At our Head Office, we are constantly looking for ways to adjust our team members’ roles so that we can best match their strengths to their responsibilities. As part of some recent tweaks to our internal structure, Joy Jackson, who has been our Recruitment and Training Manager since 2013, has been appointed as Relocation Africa’s Human Resources Manager.

Joy’s History

Joy has completed a number of certifications, including Train the Trainer (Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality) ; Service Culture Trainer (Italy, Florence); Excellent Service Delivery in the Mobility Context (MIM – Managing International Mobility); and Advanced Counselling.

Her career history spans numerous industries, such as health & beauty, human resources, clothing, jewelry, hospitality, and recruitment.

Since 2013, while at Relocation Africa, Joy has successfully managed the recruitment of all Head Office staff, as well as the recruiting and training all part time consultants throughout Africa. Her passion and curiosity for “what makes people tick” has led her to embarking on a counselling course which has yet again upskilled her in many other areas. Joy sets very high standards for the business, including strict compliance in the recruitment and training portfolio and consistently has her hand on the pulse of the team, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery for our assignees throughout Africa.

New HR Role

As we grow and evolve as a business, it is important to keep in mind the valuable HR functions that enable the team, and by extension, business, to operate smoothly.

As part of her new role, Joy will be performing familiar as well as new functions. As well as the recruitment and training she did before, she will be managing internal HR responsibilities and managing the Head Office’s staff wellness and skills development programs.

We wish her all the best in her new role.


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