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We support high-tech to enhance the assignee experience for destination services 

We live in a fast-changing world of technology and in the global mobility space our clients are looking for solutions that support their assignee population alongside the hand holding support of destination service providers like Relocation Africa.   We have partnered with a technology partner that offers an intuitive, centralised platform offering real-time insights and host location information at the assignee’s finger tips. Moving away from emails back and forth and PDF documents. Having all this centralised improves efficiencies and streamlines communication between Global Mobility, HR, Assignee, and the provider.   The tool is user friendly that liberates our teams from manual and repetitive data handling. 

The tool is a partnership which means that the technology continues to evolve with the multitude of other clients who utilise the same technology but due to its customisable attributes to each country, city, client, and assignee’s profile it feels like a bespoke tool just designed us. 

Relocating talent to all parts of the globe requires a new sense of providing solutions that allow 24/7 access online
– we cover that!


The technology solution brings an elevated user experience to its clients and their relocating employees, helping them to access information at their fingertips, whenever they want it, helping them to settle into their new location with less hassle and more efficiency. 







The digital environment offers high-tech service through a mobile-friendly, digital friendly digital platform connecting the assignee, the internal account management team, and the client seamlessly. 

It empowers the assignee to experience real-time insights into the status of each service. 

 The tool offers a single, organised solution to access essential host location information that is customised to the Country, City, CompanyCompany, and Assignee’s unique requirements such as city guides, tours, home searches, schooling requirements, and local knowledge and processes. It also safeguards all the communications and personal information in a secure and compliant environment. 



With our expert guidance from a dedicated team both at the office and on the ground the support of the high-tech tool brings the collaboration together seamlessly allowing each contributor to monitor milestones throughout the entire delivery of services. It also provides for seamless communication.  




The tool is available to assignees in Africa through Relocation Africa. We can offer services which include: 

  • Virtual Tours (great for graduate programs)
  • Immigration 
  • School Search 
  • House Search 
  • Settling in / and Departure Services 

If you have assignees in other parts of the world there are other businesses who support this tool contact marketing@relocationafrica.com for more information. 


Digital talent in Africa are exploring new opportunities and destinations. 73 percent will switch roles to advance their careers, compared to 63 percent globally*, putting them at the forefront of the emerging ‘great resignation’ trend.

This result gained from a survey of almost 10,000 employees in digital roles – part of BCG’s Decoding Global Talent series and https://www.the-network.com/


“Workers in digital roles emerged from the COVID-19 crisis relatively unscathed and as companies across all industries digitise, they are more in demand than ever,” says Rudi van Blerk, Principal and Recruiting Director at Boston Consulting Group, Johannesburg.

“This willingness to relocate is in stark contrast with the trend of decreasing mobility both globally with digital talent and with South Africans in a BCG study in March last year,” says van Blerk.

It was found that the most valued aspect of a digital employee’s job in Africa is a good work-life balance.

“Digital talent in Africa have shown that they are very open to working remotely for a foreign employer because it offers opportunities for workers to advance their careers even with international companies without needing to relocate,” says van Blerk.

Business sustainability, inclusion and environmental issues have significantly increased in importance over the last year. 50 percent globally and 46 percent in Africa would not work for companies that do not share their diversity and inclusion beliefs; 48 percent worldwide and 45 percent in Africa take the same stance regarding environmental policies.

An encouraging take on the future leaders in the digital realm.

If you are looking at new opportunities within Africa, whether it be as an employee or entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@relocationafrica.com

*January 2022 – iafrica.com


What Talent acquisition strategies are needed to ensure our future talent is secure?

The Great Resignation is the name given to the global trend of skilled workers resigning from jobs all over the world, it’s going to require businesses to carefully consider the risks of talent management and seek out strategies to ensure businesses can retain their talent or attract and acquire talent. What talent retention strategies can businesses consider supporting and value their talent within the company ecosystem and what talent acquisition strategies are needed when the “war for talent” is real.

There is no doubt that as an employer we want our employees to show up as their whole selves as they perform better and are equipped to unleash the fullest potential at work. When looking for talent retention strategies this is certainly a key consideration when businesses review flexibility and hybrid models to include work from home, work from office or work from anywhere.

There are various initiatives companies can lean on to ensure they can retain and attract talent to their businesses. As referred in an article from the World Economic Forum they propose some retention strategies which are helpful. In the Global Mobility sector, we have identified that companies are finding talent in different locations from their own offices and businesses are needing to convince the talent to relocate for the job. It has been reported that this becomes a barrier to the talent accepting the position. Speaking to a recruiter Phillipa Geard, she mentioned that often young talent are based in a location they have studied and often cannot afford to relocate for a position.  How do businesses overcome these challenges?

Phillipa also mentioned that when there are positions that require high skills sets in a more mature marketplace and currently for example digital and tech skills are highly sort after this talent this requires workplaces to offer attractive benefits, flexibility, and support for relocation to attract this scarce talent pool.

With relocation being the third most stressful life event means that companies should review how they are going to be competitive in acquiring the talent they need when the talent pool is not in their own locality. The world is changing and changing fast and as Lynn Shotwell from Worldwide ERC in her 2022 letter to the industry refers to “Mobility is emerging from the pandemic as a more vital partner with transferees and their organizations. Its role has taken on more talent acquisition, retention, and management elements as it evolves into a more visible bond with the global workforce.”

How is your business managing the talent acquisition strategy?
What strategies do you think businesses could consider to increase the talent pool?

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