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Expats moving to Kenya especially those with a jaded or pessimistic attitude towards relocating to an African country will be pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of housing options available. European expats, particularly, can look forward to finding accommodation that’s more spacious than anything they’d be able to find back home.

Kenya is generally a politically stable country with a Western-friendly government and manageable infrastructure. The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is now considered the hub for business and development in eastern Africa.

Expats working in Kenya tend to be highly-paid managers of multinational companies, or development and NGO employees and volunteers. Strong levels of local employee protectionism can often make the job search difficult, even for skilled and highly-qualified foreigners.
Expat life can be insulated from Kenyan society, as the fear of crime, particularly in the large cities, sometimes cloisters foreigners behind the gates of housing compounds and locked car doors. Those who emerge from behind this curtain of fear can really enjoy the different cultures
of Kenya, all of which are famously welcoming and cheerful.

Nonetheless, those moving to Kenya may not find the expat experience as comfortable as in more developed nations, and longing for everyday conveniences and the familiar efficiency of home is a common topic of discussion among foreigners.On the other side of the coin, others find that the luxuries Kenya has to offer – such as large houses, domestic workers and high expat salaries – make for a higher quality of life than they’d have back home. Overall, whether life in Kenya turns out to be an unwelcome posting or a grand opportunity, all expats will certainly have a truly unique experience.

Banda School

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: British
Ages:2 to 13

Braeburn Schools

Curriculum: British
Ages: 3 to 18

Brookhouse School

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: British
Ages: 2 to 19

Deutsche Schule Nairobi

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: German
Ages: 4 to 18

Hillcrest International School

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: British
Ages:3 to 18


See here: https://www.myguidekenya.com/things-to-do/family-activities

Areas and suburbs in Nairobi

Nairobi is a prominent city in Africa, both financially and politically. It is important that expats moving to Nairobi familiarise themselves with the areas and suburbs of the city in terms of housing, schools, hospitals and access to facilities.

Expats will find that the more upper class suburbs are situated to the west and north-central parts of Nairobi. These areas include Karen, Langata, Lavington, Gigiri, Muthaiga, Spring Valley, Kilimani, Kileshwa, Hurlingham, Runda, Nyari and Westlands.Eastern parts of the city tend to be more industrial. However, low-income residential housing can be found in neighbourhoods like Eastleigh, which is densely populated by immigrants as well as refugees.

Exclusive neighbourhoods in Nairobi

Karen and Langata

Karen and Langata are two of the most exclusive areas in Nairobi and offer residents modern, high-end living options for both expats and wealthy Kenyans. Nairobi Hospital and the Karen Hospital, two of the countrys top hospitals, are located close by, and the areas are home to a number of well-known private schools, such as Brookhouse, Banda and Hillcrest International. A modern shopping complex called Galleria offers the areas residents a range of choices when it comes to dining and shopping. There are two private golf clubs, and many shopping arcades close. The only down side to living in Karen or Langata, are that the areas are quite isolated. Although, public transport it is available, expats living in this part of Nairobi should have a car.


Runda is a self-contained neighbourhood, which has a bit of a rural touch. Runda Estate is Nairobis largest gated community and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and an active residents association. Accommodation in these areas usually come in the form of large, modern houses on huge plots. The Village Market, one of Nairobi’s upmarket shopping centres, is located close by and offers a large multiplex cinema, a great food court, restaurants, supermarkets and dozens of boutique stores. Runda is popular with expats with kids as there are a number of kindergartens, primary and secondary international schools nearby, including the International School of Kenya, the German School and Roslyn Academy.


Ridgeways is another self-contained neighbourhood close to Runda. It is situated within Karura Forest and is the former home of Kenyas colonial elite. Now the area offers luxury housing options for well-paid diplomats and wealthy Kenyans. While residents have access to all the facilities in neighbouring Runda, Ridgeways main attraction is the exclusive Windsor Golf Club.