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This information was provided by JJ Accounting Services Mauritius.

There have been some changes in the laws surrounding Retired Permit applications in Mauritius. The minimum annual transfer to be made to Mauritius has decreased from USD 30,000 annually to USD 18,000 annually, with the minimum transfer over 3 years being USD 54,000.

The other change relates to the 10-year residence permit. After the initial 3 years on the Retired Permit, where a minimum of USD 54,000 has been transferred to Mauritius over the 3 years, the person on the Retired Permit will be entitled to apply for a 10-year residence permit. Previously, the rule was that a minimum of USD 120,000 needed to be transferred over the initial 3 years, and then after the initial 3 years, the person would be entitled to apply for the 10-year residence permit.

For further information pertaining to requirements for Mauritian permits, click here to view the JJ Accounting Services Mauritius FAQ document. Please note that this information may change over time, and it is important to check the relevant government websites before beginning the application process. Feel free to contact us for assistance from our Immigration division in this regard.


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