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Relocation Africa is excited to announce the launch of their new Interactive Mobile App! The App will become an integral part of our service delivery going forward. Starting with Johannesburg and Cape Town, we plan to roll out the use of the App across all of our African Destinations within the next 6 months. Each assignee will be given access to the platform that will provide them with a wealth of information and knowledge about their new destination. We will include information on the location as well as information unique or specific to their relocation to the new destination. We hope this will make their transition simpler, more efficient, and allow them to settle into their daily life with ease.

What is the App?

The App, at its core allows for the secure sharing of information pertinent to the services that we are delivering to your assignees, and the city / country that they are relocating to, as well as company policy or other information that the assignee may need during their transition.
Its core functions include:
Information Sharing Using the App your assignee will have access to the following via their cell phone/tablet:
• The Relocation Africa Country Fact Sheet.
• The Relocation Africa City Guide which is a comprehensive document, split down into various areas of interest including History, Schooling, Housing, Healthcare, Culture and Entertainment to name but a few.
• Information related to the setting up of utilities.
• A comprehensive checklist relating to the packing up of their home.
• Some Support tools such as dealing with change.
• Emergency numbers.

We will also be able to upload Lease Agreements and Check-in Inspections to the App as they become available, allowing the assignee to have all of the information related to their relocation in one place.
In addition, if required by the Client, we can tailor the App even more and upload policy documentation, employment contracts, medical insurance policies, etc. There will however be a small fee for this additional support.


Interactive Service Delivery Via the App the assignee will be able to:
• View their itinerary. This can be uploaded prior to their meeting with our Ground Consultant.
• Familiarize themselves with the location of the items on their itinerary through the interactive map function. This allows for property addresses to be entered and

highlighted on the map, and for links to the related properties to be viewed.
In addition, the interactive map will also contain local ‘points of interest’ – hospitals, shopping malls, police stations, etc.

The App can be used as a communication tool between the assignee and ourselves – we can send them short messages / reminders which will flash up on the screen of their phone.
Family members can also be added to the App, and photos and messages can be shared between them – ideal when the partner has not been able to participate in the home search or orientation trip.
We believe that the use of the App will greatly enhance the assignee experience, allowing them and their family members to access more of what they need before they travel, as well as enjoy an array of useful information about their destinations once they have arrived, all from one secure source.
This is just another way that Relocation Africa is constantly improving our services by embracing the unknown.

This product can be used in conjunction with our other services or a cost-efficient stand-alone product.

Please contact us on info@relocationafrica.com.