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Relocation Africa Group announces that its Director, René Stegmann, has been accredited as a Mobility Specialist, which is part of the South African Reward Association’s (SARA’s) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.

To ensure that SARA members remain relevant in their field, SARA launched their SAQA-approved International Mobility Designations, designed to accredit those in the field of reward and mobility.  The aim, through an accreditation process, is to uphold a level of knowledge associated with the accredited designation.

There are three different International Mobility professional designations that can be achieved within the profession:

1. Mobility Practitioner;
2. Mobility Specialist; and
3. Master Mobility Specialist.

The CPD requirements for each designation are similar in terms of an allocated number of points that need to be achieved over a three-year period (measured in calendar years). However, inherent requirements will be different based on the level of competence that the member would have achieved through accreditation, and is expected to uphold through continued professional development.

If you are in the field of reward and deal with International Mobility and Expatriates, the designations are a valuable accreditation to ensure that we remain relevant within our industry.  For more information, contact Debbie Lane-Mitchell on wlane@mweb.co.za, or visit the SARA website at http://www.sara.co.za/PROFESSIONALISATION/ProfessionalMembers.aspx.