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Moving and living in a different place from the one you grew up with can be hard and you can feel very alone away from family and friends. Or if you are contemplating relocating or have moved ages ago but still have boxes left unpacked, you might not know where to even begin looking for the right help from someone who has been in your footsteps.

Hearing stories and advice from those who have been there, done that and lost the T-shirt somewhere on the last move, is a great way to help you through the challenges moving home can bring. In the past this would have been through meeting people at an expat networking event, but today you can get expert advice before you pack your first box, from one of the many podcasts that are available. But with so many to choose from how do you find the ones that you can really connect with?

Whether you listen to them while drinking your morning coffee, on the school run/commute or walking the dog, here are some of best podcasts RelocateGuru found for you to enjoy.

1. Expat Happy Hour:

Solutions orientated coach and intercultural strategist Sundae Bean, shares practical solutions to help you adapt and succeed, find your true purpose and stay connected to those who mean the most. If you are feeling a ‘little lost’ this is an excellent place to start.


2. Tandem Nomads:

Amel Derragui hosts this weekly podcast sharing entrepreneurial tips and advice to turn expat career challenges into successful portable careers, so you can create your own sources of revenue and purpose. If you were thinking about starting a business I would highly recommend listening to this podcast.


3. ReloTalk:

With plenty experience as both a relocation agent and client Lindy Chapman hosts conversations with industry professionals and inspirational expats showing both sides to help inspire you in your nomadic life. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/relotalk/id1540181688

4. Two Fat Expats:

With over 20 years of expat life experience Kirsty Rice and Nikki Moffit answer all those awkward questions you don’t want ask your relocation agent, from “are you a bad parent for making your child move counties?” to “would you suggest an expat prenup?” and much more.


5. Diesel & Clooney Unpack the World:

Global friends Jerry Jones & Chris O’Shaughnessy join forces to share a comedic and thought-provoking journey around the world helping to unpack the wonderful tapestry of different cultures sharing stories and fun.


6. Mindful Expat:

Dana Nelson PhD presents her weekly podcast focusing on improving your emotional wellbeing and resilience for living abroad with insights and expert interviews on topics related to mindfulness, self-compassion, self-care and personal growth.


7. The Expat Career & Lifestyle:

Dominicka Miernik hosts her monthly podcast sharing a mix inspirational stories from expat entrepreneurs and tips for starting your business or changing your career abroad.


8. A Culture Story:

Megan Norton grew up moving around the world, shares cross-cultural conversations with her guests’ stories about their cross cultural experiences, which can be messy, embarrassing, funny but always honest. This aims to broaden our understanding and see different perspectives. Because when we listen and understand each others stories we can connect in a much deeper way. https://adultthirdculturekid.com

9. The Thriving Abroad Podcast:

Louise Wiles shares practical tips and advice for expats with interviews with expats and relocation experts sharing their insights and lessons to help make your transition easier.


10. Ben There:

Growing up abroad Ben Voegele knows the struggles of feeling from everywhere and nowhere and with his webcast aims to share the deep conversations and tell the life stories of how living abroad has impacted the lives of his guests. The goal is to unite and appreciate diversity of all kinds. https://benthere.org or watch on YouTube here.


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