What are the Legal Options for Zimbabweans in SA who Fear Going Back Home?

Zimbabweans currently in South Africa have the once-off option to extend their visa exemptions for a further 90 days if they haven’t done so already, says immigration lawyer William Le Roux.

Many Zim nationals fear to return their homeland amid the ongoing unrest over the high cost of living and drastic full price hike.

“They are able to extend their visas for a further 90 days, but they can only do that once from within South Africa. After they have done that once, then they would need to leave the country”, Le Roux said.

Le Roux says the alternative option for Zimbabweans is to overstay their visitor’s visa and submit an authorisation application

Visa authorisation applications, also known as a letter of good cause, allow for visa applications from within South Africa.

“The Director-General of Home Affairs can authorise you to make an application for a visa, despite the fact that you don’t have legal status in the country. People who are in the country illegally cannot apply for a new visa within the country unless the DG tells them that they may”, he commented.

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