What Makes Relocation Africa Different?

If the company culture at Relocation Africa could be captured with a single word, we would describe ourselves as a family.

At Relocation Africa, we place emphasis on knowing and genuinely caring for each other on a personal level, having good relationships with each other, and treating one another with respect, compassion, and patience. Sharing a warm and family-like bond at the office, we prioritise creating this same bond with each of our clients. We know that a little bit of warmth and compassion can go a long way, especially in the process of making a life-altering relocation to a new country.

This is why we’ve made connecting and establishing valuable connections, the centre of the way we conduct our business.

We understand that there is an emotionally challenging side when making the decision that will shape the experience and outcome of your relocation. As a matter of fact, Relocation Africa was incorporated because of the compassion that a mother felt for others making these big transitions, a mother who found herself in a similar life-altering situation. This mother, our founder, Rose Maytham, decided to help other families by turning her passion into a business.

In 1993, Rose started Relocation Africa. Today, 30 years later Relocation Africa is not only stronger than ever but also the best relocation service provider on the entire African continent. Rose’s entrepreneurial spirit has been passed onto her daughter, Rene, who has taken over the reins since 2002.

Rene is following in her mother’s footsteps, with all the same passion and dedication. Having grown up and experienced the turmoil of relocating with her mum and sister after being forced to relocate from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) to South Africa, René happily climbed on board with her mother to steer the business into success. Like mother and daughter, they share the same values, and have implemented these core values into the company as well. These values tie into the sincerity of the objectives with which the company was started, making Relocation Africa destined for success.

This powerful mother and daughter duo has been through and felt the exact emotions that each of the expatriates may feel during their relocation. This is why our company’s purpose is to embrace the unknown, and we encourage all our clients to do the same. You embrace the unknown while we ensure that your destination that you are relocating to is successful and fruitful.

Life happens, and while you could say that Rene’s life plans were completely thrown off course, since she initially saw a career for herself in marketing, we choose to look at it as an act of fate. While her interest in marketing was strong, her passion to help people was overwhelming. It was this passion for the relocation industry that made the transition so easy for Rene, and she hasn’t looked back on her decision since.

However, her love for marketing and other creative modes of business still exists and is evident in the business’ involvement and presence on all forms of media. Relocation Africa has a range of Blogs and Articles on their website to keep clients informed and help them in any way possible, written with the very same objectives that the company was initially started for. Rene also regularly attends conferences, workshops and meetings all over the world, representing the company – her primary passion – and tending to her interests at the same time.

This combination of passion, interests, motivation and dedication from Rene and the rest of the team at Relocation Africa’s head office is the main reason why Relocation Africa is the largest independently run destination service business in the whole of Africa. René and her team prioritise building authentic and lasting relationships with all of their clients and stakeholders as Relocation Africa understands the value that such relationships have for the future of a company in the relocation industry.

As a business who treats each of their staff and stakeholders like family members, we understand that relocating your family is a challenge that comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty, which is why we always keep each client’s unique needs and concerns at the forefront of our service delivery.

Whether you are moving to Europe or Africa the task of relocating will always pose a challenge. There will always be some unexpected hurdles you will have to overcome along the way. Depending on the culture of the country you are relocating from, you may experience more challenges and even a bit of a culture shock as you settle into Africa. It is important to be mindful of the fact that every nation and group of people have different methods of doing things, so experiencing a culture shock may be inevitable.

Cultural differences alone can be remarkably challenging, requiring individuals to make significant adjustments to adapt to the lifestyle, customs, and language of the new environment. However, at Relocation Africa, we make it our mission to prevent potentially overwhelming culture shocks by building our client’s knowledge of their locations and managing their expectations upfront so the chances of encountering unexpected surprises are minimised.

When we educate our clients, we ensure that they are properly informed about the impactful factors, the little things, and even the fun and creative aspects of the new city they will soon call their home. We take the liberty of compiling a list of things each client may need to take heed of, places they might like to visit, sights they should definitely see, and fun things to do for themselves and the whole family. For instance, we may advise our clients of the infrastructural issues in the city they are moving to, such as the problems with the reliability of the electricity supply in South Africa. In the same breath, we also enlighten our clients about the various fun, sporty, leisurely, or relaxing activities that are offered in these same cities, like paragliding from signal hill in Cape Town or swimming amongst the sharks in Durban.

Relocation Africa places emphasis on ensuring that our clients are well familiar with all the amenities available to them and all the challenges they may encounter, we highlight the good and the bad.

While Africa certainly offers many great investment opportunities, it would be ignorant to ignore the challenges that may come with it. We know, however, that the prior usually overshadows the latter as the feedback we get from clients we have previously assisted usually describes their experience as fulfilling and extremely financially rewarding.

So, Why Choose Relocation Africa?

Being around for 30 years certainly bears testament to the strong relationships embedded in the business’s culture. In our 30 years, we’ve grown, we’ve learnt, we’ve overcome obstacles, and we’ve also expanded our business according to the need of our clients. That is what is important to us, and that is what makes our service delivery excellent and reliable. Moreover, our 30 years of experience and knowledge have enabled us to turn your challenging relocation process into a hassle-free experience, allowing you to spend more time on the more important things in life.

By now you would understand that we speak from experience when we say that we know how intimidating and nerve-wracking the process of settling in can be, especially when it comes to relocating your entire life and family across the world to an unknown country. We’ve walked the road before, and by dealing with these cases every day, there is not a problem that may arise during any relocation that we have not yet solved.

We encourage and help our clients to embrace the unknown, all while equipping them with the necessary resources and knowledge to make their relocation easier. We take pride in the personal and supportive relationships that we’ve established with our clients, because we know exactly how reassuring it is to have someone who understands by your side. Our clients have the comfort of knowing that our directors, stakeholders, consultants, and staff are here to accompany them on their journey. Our aim is to create a positive, and welcoming atmosphere, one that encourages conversation and trust.

We achieve this by taking the time to get to know you, to ask you what is important to you, because what’s important to you, is important to us.

To us, our customers are more than just paying customers, our customers are family.


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Written and Compiled by:

Lize-Mari Ras

Saudika Hendricks