11 Young Leaders Prepared to Push Africa’s Development Agenda

In the next 5 years, Young Global Leaders hand-picked by World Economic Forum will collectively utilize their skills to bring positive impact across sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa.wef1458793300036_aspR_2.317_w1008_h435_e400
In the next five years, 11 selected young leaders will lead Africa’s development objectives to the next level through brilliant scientific innovations, enterprising businesses, investment in technologies as well as activism to ensure Africans enjoy their rights.

Each year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) selects the most innovative, socially minded, and exceptional leaders under the age of 40.

In their class of 2016, WEF has unveiled a team of 121 Young Global Leaders (YGL) who according to the organization “give hope that they are ready to tackle the world’s most complex and pressing challenges.” From the total, 11 of these leaders, hail from the Sub-Saharan Africa.

They form part of a community and a five-year leadership journey that will see them break down barriers in various sectors using “their collective skills to get things done for positive impact across private, public and civil society organizations.”

Collectively, the class of 2016 gives optimism that the next generation of influential leaders are here and prepared to confront a world prevalent with complex, inter-dependent global challenges.