80 Percent Of Africans Don’t Know Tourist Sites Available In Their Own Countries

Africa needs to establish intra-Africa travel packages to attract tourists within the continent, said tourism industry executives attending the Fourth Annual Africa Hotel Expansion Summit and Hospitality Round Table in Dar es Salaam.

“Africa needs to encourage intra-Africa travel programs that would attract more people to travel from one country to another country within the continent,” said Amaechi Ndili, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lionstone Group and Golden Tulip West Africa Hospitality Group in Nigeria.

“We need to stimulate intra-Africa tourism and business travel while governments across the continent take serious steps and policies to create more open skies for Africans,” Ndili noted.

Most countries in Africa still lack competitive tools to support growth and competition in tourism at global market levels, despite the continent’s rich and untapped natural resources.

More than 80 percent of Africans don’t know tourist attractive sites available in their own countries compared to Europe, America, and other continents, hotel executives said.

Nigeria is the leading African country generating outbound tourists to other countries within the continent, mostly to other West African states, as well as East and Southern Africa.