Hi there, 


My name is Lize-Mari Ras. 


I recently had the opportunity to attend a captivating webinar that delved into the tricky world of banking challenges faced by expats.  


As an individual who has first-hand experience with the complexities of managing finances while living abroad, I eagerly participated in the virtual event, hoping to gain valuable insights and practical solutions.  


The webinar proved to be an enlightening and informative experience, shedding light on the unique hurdles faced by expats when navigating the banking systems of their host countries. 


One of the guest speakers, Bhavya Shah, from Bank One, covered some interesting topics about these challenges.  


One of the questions that stood out to me was:  


“What will happen to my pension when relocating? Can an expat still contribute to their existing plan while based in another country? How does this affect tax relief on one’s contributions?”   


Bhavya’s response to this question:  


This is a notoriously difficult subject unfortunately with no simple answers.    


Most state pension schemes as well as most local private pension schemes generally require some form of residency, making it hard for expats to continue contributing once they move.    


Also, expat packages often do not include any local pension contributions, making it imperative for an individual to identify the right alternatives for their retirement needs. These could range from suitable investment solutions, insurance solutions and/or offshore pension schemes that provide many similar benefits.    


As an expat who has built up pension plans in different countries, the main issue generally tends to relate to taxation. Assuming a nice pension pot has been built over the years which you now want to use, the country where the pension was earned and the country where you plan to spend it can have varying tax rules with the lump-sum and/or the annuity may be taxable, eroding some of its core value. This is why it requires very careful planning, and one needs to consider your unique situation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution unfortunately.    


And as enriching and exciting as an expat opportunity tends to be, it is critical to fully understand pension implications and properly plan for future requirements as the options are not that straightforward. Bank One is happy to refer our Elite Offshore customers to expat pension specialists who can help sort it out this major challenge for their unique needs.”   


I was blown away by this answer, I tried Googling this question in hopes of coming up with a more detailed solution, but after listening in on this webinar, it truly was a revelation as to how important it was to leave these major banking challenges to experts, like Bank One. 


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