Client Alert – Nigeria – New Directive on Temporary Work Permit 6th May 2016


The new Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (”NIS”)

whose appointment took effect from 15th May, 2016 has issued a directive

to the effect that companies in the oil and gas sector must provide evidence of registration with the Nigeria Content and Development Management Board,(“NCDMB”) before a Temporary Work Permit (“TWP”) cablegram is issued.

Companies that also undertake engineering related projects are to be registered with the Council for the Regulations of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), before a TWP cablegram is issued.reloafrica

The directive is to ensure that companies in the oil and gas industry are compliant with the federal government’s local content policy as well as forestall abuse of the TWP visa in the oil and gas industry.

Visas/Permits affected

TWP holders

What Companies and Foreign Nationals need to Know!

Companies affected should ensure that the necessary approvals are procured from the (“NCDMB”) and (“COREN”) before an application for a TWP visa is made.

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