DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (Country risk rating: High); 27 to 28 October; Dozens killed in South Kivu flooding

A combination of flash floods and landslides resulted in at least 30 fatalities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)‘s South Kivu province between 27 and 28 October.

The majority of casualties were reported in the village of Bushushu, where a series of landslides destroyed as many as 700 residential and commercial properties, displacing an undisclosed number of people. Strategic infrastructure, including a number of roads and at least two bridges, was also damaged by flash flooding. The DRC is a large country with diverse weather patterns. Generally, the south of the country experiences its highest rainfall from November to March. Northern DRC, in which the province of South Kivu is located, experiences higher levels of rainfall from April to October. It should be noted that inclement weather is expected to persist across much of the region until 4 November, increasing the risk of further flooding in low-lying areas (including near rivers, such as the Congo) and landslides in mountainous regions. The road infrastructure, which is already poorly maintained across most of the country, may also be adversely affected. Due to various security concerns, all travel to South Kivu province is advised against. Persons currently in or intending to travel to the region despite this advisory should avoid the flood-affected areas, anticipate travel delays as a result of damaged road infrastructure, and exercise heightened caution in and around the aforementioned high-risk areas.