Extended Visitor Visa – South African Immigration

The new long-term Port of Entry Visa may be issued valid for any period up to two or three years to allow for multiple stays of up to 90 consecutive days at a time or any lesser period as determined by the issuing South African Mission, at its discretion. This implies that frequent business visitors will now only be required to apply for a visas once every two or three years, as the case may be.

This does, however, not apply to first-time visa applicants. A foreign national must first establish themselves as a bona-fide traveller (by complying with the conditions of the first visa issued to them). In addition, South African Missions have been instructed to check the foreign national’s passport to determine whether they are, in fact, a frequent traveller (by checking for visas for other countries). The extended visa will not be issued in all instances. This visa will also not provide for short-term work activities for which an authorization in terms of Section 11(2) of the Immigration Act is required.  For more information please contact tracy@relocationafrica.com or call us on 021 7634240.