Happy Heritage Day 24th September 2016 from Relocation Africa


JOHANNESBURG – Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says Heritage Day offers South Africa the opportunity to reflect on the nation’s complex past and the values that citizens seek to live by for the future.

Ramaphosa has delivered the key note address at one of government’s official Heritage Day celebrations in Kimberley.

The Deputy President began his speech by remembering some of the key figures of the liberation struggle, whom he says have given South Africa a rich heritage that defines its nationhood.

Ramaphosa says one of the key things the country needs to focus on moving forward, is building a society that defines it as uniquely African.

“Heritage Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own history as Africans, as South Africans and it gives us time to reflect on our cultural heritage, on our traditions, on our rituals and on our languages.”

He adds today is also a reminder of how the African continent has contributed to humanity.

“Being Africans, we are acutely aware of the wider world deeply implicated in our past and present, that wider world carries some of our inheritance and parenthesis I would say that wider world carries our genes.”

Meanwhile, South Africans are also celebrating Heritage Day in their traditional attires and meals.