A report on asylum seekers in South Africa revealed widespread dodgy dealings at the Home Affairs Department.

JOHANNESBURG – The Home Affairs Department says it’s aware of officials who are trying to undermine its system and has warned they’ll be “dealt with” accordingly.

The department says the initiatives taken to curb corruption within the sector are starting to bear fruit, with over 80 of its officials being arrested so far.

Corruption Watch released a report on asylum seekers in South Africa this week, which revealed widespread dodgy dealings at Home Affairs.

The watchdog found the department failed to respond to a number of allegations of extortion, bribery and threats leveled against its officials by foreign nationals.

Spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete says, “We are aware that there are officials who go to the department and betray the trust that is bestowed upon us as a public office that is supposed to protect the most vulnerable in society. Those people who are engaging in that activity, whether they are officials or members of the public, will be dealt with.”