#InLoveWithAfrica: The Raw Splendor Of The Okavango Delta

After spending four nights travelling through Savuti in Botswana, we set off to dive deep into the Okavango Delta. After already having had a few of the most amazing and thrilling days and nights in Savuti, a game reserve higher up in Botswana, I thought we had experienced it all. We slept in the middle of the wildest bush I have ever experienced (only three of us, a tent and our open vehicle), in the middle of the local trekking ground for a herd of elephants by day and hyenas by night. Not to mention the nightly chorus of lions, leopards and trumpeting elephants to fall asleep to, I really thought we had gotten as close to the wild Botswana bush as we could.

Okavango Delta

But then we arrived on the edge on the Okavango Delta, a secluded spot where our speed boat was going to pick us up to take us to the island where we were going to spend the next few nights. I instantly knew that this trip was going to become even more breath-taking. I usually research the places that I travel to beforehand, so that I have some sense of what I’m getting myself into. I hadn’t done this before our trip into the Delta, and I think it made the whole experience even more amazing.