International and private school fees to increase by 15% in Egypt

An informed source from the Education Ministry said Minister Tareq Shawqy will declare the details behind his decision on the tuition fee increase for privately-owned and international school within the coming two days.

The source added that the Minister refused schools demanding a 20 percent increase, stressing that the rate of increase should be 15 percent for all stages at international schools, not only for newcomers. The rate ranges between 7-15 percent for the national sections.

The minister stipulated that no fees should be collected in US dollars or any other foreign currency. Violations will be referred to the prosecution.

Abeer Hany, the head of the Ministry’s public department of private and international education, said a new law is being finalized to organize the work of privately-owned and international schools before the beginning of Ramadan. Ministerial decisions No. 420 and 422 on private and international education will be merged together.

The new law, according to Hany, will include all the chapters on private and international education. It will also include chapters on the fees, rates of increase, certificates, methods of accreditation, licenses and others.