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Schooling in Kenya

Kenya offers good quality schooling, with a variety of government, private, and international (foreign language) schools on offer. Foreign countries represented with international schools include the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Kenyan universities include University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, and Strathmore University.

Expat children generally attend private or international schools. A large number follow the British curriculum. Gaining admission to these schools will vary and some wait lists may be in place. The Rosslyn Academy for example is very difficult. Most school applications can be submitted online and there may be tests and interviews required. School fees will also vary depending on the year the child is to be enrolled for. Most school fees are to be paid in Kenyan shillings. With only the American school requiring USD. The German School also requires their fees to be paid in EUR. On top of the basic school fees, expat parents will need to budget for extra expenses such as textbooks, school uniforms and field trips.

Education Facts


The school year runs from January to November. The schooling system operates on the basis of 8 years spent in Primary School, and 4 years in Secondary School.

Some Schools for Consideration

  • German School Nairobi
  • Kenton College Prep
  • Rosslyn Academy
  • Peponi House Prep
  • French School of Nairobi
  • Gigiri Montessori House

Indicative Pricing (International Schools

  • USD 10,000 – 31,000 p.a.

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Immigration to Kenya

Work or residents’ permits are issued to any non-Kenyan wishing to engage in employment in Kenya whether in gainful employment or voluntary service.

Work permits include, Class A, for persons who intend to engage in perspective for minerals or mining.

  • Class B: for persons wishing to invest in agriculture
  • Class C for professional’s
  • Class D for specific employment by specific employer and who is in possession of skills or qualifications that are not available in Kenya
  • Class F for applicants in a specific manufacturing business in Kenya
  • Class G for investors in specific trade
  • Class I members of a missionary Society
  • Class K for persons not under the age of 35 who have a guaranteed annual income of $24,000.


The following passes allow foreigners to remain for a certain purpose

A: Student Pass, this document is issued to persons seeking to enter and remain in the country for the purpose of receiving education or training at an educational or training establishment.

B: Dependent Pass, this document is issued to applicants to allow their dependents to enter and remain in the country

C: Special Pass, this document is issued to persons given specific employment by a particular employer for short duration not exceeding three months in which they are receiving educational training and educational or training establishment within the country where he or she has been accepted as a student.

D: Visitors pass, this document is issued to persons who wish to enter Kenya for the purpose of a holiday or visit for not exceeding six months.

Please note, dependents must apply for reentry passes, which will be included in their passports. The reentry visas are issued to dependence to avoid having to obtain a new visa every time they reenter Kenya.

Alien Card

Registration of foreign Nationals is governed by the Kenya citizenship and immigration act. The law requires that all foreigners wish to reside in Kenya for a period exceeding 90 days must be registered.


Applications for renewals of long-term work permits are subject to the same requirements as the initial application. Every work permit may be renewed for further periods upon payment of the renewal fee, but it shall not be renewed for more than five years from the date of issue or renewal. The overall duration of a work permit is 5 years.

Departure and Deregistration

The registration in Kenya is only required if the applicant wants to start employment with another company and therefore wants to apply for a new work permit. If the applicant is leaving the country for good within the period of validity of the current work permit, no de registration or departure notification is required.

Visa Facts

Immigration Services

We are able to assist with a wide variety of visas across Africa, including Family, Study, Spousal, Short-term work, Long-term work, and Temporary Visitor visas.


We offer outbound immigration services to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as Migration Through Investment programs for Grenada, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, and the United States.

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