‘SA birth certificates in hot demand’

Corruption is rife in the KwaZulu-Natal Home Affairs office, says Cyril Mncwabe, the provincial manager.

“There are those who know how they can circumvent the system. The most sought-after document is the birth certificate.”

Mncwabe was responding to the arrest of a Home Affairs clerk for allegedly selling a South African birth certificate to a foreigner.

The 30-year-old clerk was arrested at his office yesterday.

Mncwabe said the clerk allegedly sold the birth certificate, containing details of a South African, to a Malawian for R1500.

A legal application for a birth certificate costs R75.

“The Malawian used the birth certificate to apply for a South African ID. A staff member noticed the photos of the people looked different. The South African, who is named on the certificate, had simultaneously applied for a late registration birth certificate and had already been for an interview and had his certificate granted. The clerk printed the document and allegedly sold it to the foreigner.”

He said the Malawian wasarrested two weeks ago.

“Both will be charged with fraud and contravention of the Immigration Act. The Malawian said he was told he could get an identity document for R3500.”