Spreading the love in honour of Mandela!


Relocation Africa SPREADING THE LOVE in honour of Mandela!

What a privilege it is to be in a position to give back to those in need. We once again partnered with The Honeybun Foundation, our CSR for 2022,  to donate a much needed meal to an informal settlement within our community, mere minutes from our doorstep.

On the 18th of July every year, we celebrate Mandela’s birthday and the significance of his life journey. This day brings people around the world together, to fight poverty, promote peace, reconciliation and cultural diversity.

The Relocation Africa team dedicated 67 minutes of our time, as we huddled in the boardroom to make 130 sandwiches. A happy, motivated team created a production line to get the job done promptly, so that we could meet a 10am deadline of getting a fresh meal to the residents of Bonnytoun. A TikTok video was even inspired as we individually wrapped the sandwiches and paired them with fresh fruit! (see below)

We were warmly welcomed by the community of Bonnytoun, who were so grateful for our small meal. It was upsetting to see how many children had not gone to school as their carers or parents didn’t have the funds nor food. What a truly humbling experience.

Thank you to Stephen, founder of the @honeybunfoundation who we partnered with to facilitate the morning and all the magical human beings at Relocation Africa for your warm hearts.

In Mandela’s words…“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

Please share with us your stories of dedicating 67 minutes of your time, to a worthy cause.

Mandela Day at Relocation Africa!